The return of…

Guess what’s back…




The mix:-1/2c. Oats (I have been using oat bran lately! Soooo creamyyyy)
-1c. water/milk if I have some
-1/2c. canned pumpkin
-1 banana
-Copius amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg
-Granola for some crizzzzunch
-Peanut buttahhhh!

The method: Bring oats + sliced banana to a boil, then let simmer. Once beginnning to thicken, stir! This “whips” up the banana and makes them fluffy and delicious, crucial! I also like to throw in the raisins at this point because they plump up in the water. Just before all the water has been absorbed, stir in the pumpkin, stevia, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. Pour in a bowl, top with granola and a big ‘ol spoonful of (nut)buttah.

So, the running thing…

I have to be honest, my weekly running schedule calls for 5,8, and 5 mile runs plus a cross training day. My attempt to cross training has been weak at best, and my mileage for the week often looks more lik 4,4,7 or 5,5,6 etc. I’m trying to be optimistic and think that the point is to be on my feet getting miles in, and a few miles here or there each week won’t be detrimental come race day. I am still feeling great and hitting my goal pace on long runs, and recovering well. I literally made myself sick last time I tried to train for a marathon (last February) because I let the stress of sticking to a rigorous plan get to me, so my relaxed approach this go-round is also a direct result of the mononucleosis that is still hanging out in my body (for life, thank you). I’m just taking one run at a time, quality over quantity!

Saturday’s RUNdown:
20 MILES!!!!!
2:55:30 – 5 minutes faster than my goal of 3 hours! I think that time was definitely made up at the end, because the first ten miles of this run were MISERABLE. I had stomach problems the day before, and was running on empty. I took Clif Shot Bloks at the first hour mark and immediately felt better. I also sipped on Gatorade throughout the run. I wish I liked coconut water more, because I really don’t like downing chemicals/straight sugar, but I know that it works so it has been the safe choice for me.

Has anyone tried Clif’s sports drinks? Or have any other favorable alternatives?

I have decided the next marathon I train for will be a spring marathon…I hate having long runs on game days and then not be able to make it through a football game! I haven’t stayed through the 4th quarter all season :[ bad fan.

On a good note, the fall weather is upon us and it is no longer crucial to get out the door before sunrise for a run. We also don’t have school today (YAAAA fall break!) so I am taking advantage of my perfect running scenario…wake up naturally, coffee + oatmeal, do *whatever* for a few hours, go out for a run! Come back and eat lunch. Perfect! Ah, to be a professional runner…

Off to the grocery store! My debit card is already wincing. I leave you with some foodie pics from the last few daysweeks:



Prosciutto wrapped sea scallops with a sun dried tomato vinaigarette on a bed of sauteed spinach

Prosciutto wrapped sea scallops with a sun dried tomato vinaigarette on a bed of sauteed spinach

Grocery store salad bar...

Grocery store salad bar...




Hiatus #2

Remember back in June when I took a blogging hiatus until after the LSAT?

Well, friends, I will be taking hiatus #2 and will return AFTER I get all of my law school applications turned in!


18 miles last Saturday went as well as 18 miles can, and my legs are definitely looking forward to a reduced mileage week! I’m still feeling confident, especially after coming down with a sinus infection last week and bouncing back in just 24 hours. BRING IT ON SAN ANTONIO!

Anywho, time is precious and scarce, so I will see you when I see you! Thanks for sticking around :]

New Distance PR!

I did it! 17 miles at a solid 9 minute mile pace! My goal pace for the marathon is about 8:30, so this was good for me. The best part…I felt great. Not the whole time, those middle miles were rough, but I pushed through and ended up feeling like a rockstar.

Around mile 7 I popped two shot blocks:
clif shot blok

And then 2 more around mile 13. I have to walk while I chew these, because apparently I am incapable of chewing and swallowing while running. We all have our gifts, I suppose. For this reason, I think I prefer the gels, but the minute or so of walking was nice to look forward to!

I also mixed half Gatorade with half water in my NEW handheld waterbottle!!!

After an hour, I sipped this every fifteen minutes or so.

The combination of the sports drink and shot bloks kept my energy levels stable, and definitely kept me going for two and a half hours.

Recovery was obvi a HUGE Green Monster and about thirty minutes of this:

My tummy feels somewhat off :[ So I’m slowly eating sushi as I type this…

I know my hunger will hit, but for now I’m just making sure to hydrate!

I should get the worst blogger ever award, because guess who forgot to take pictures while in Austin Foodie Capital of Texas? Sorry friends, but I can tell you there was glorious indian food, vino, and .85 pounds of frozen yogurt. :]

That’s all for now, unfortunately my weekend will be spent tackling this guy

With a little bit of COLLEGE FOOTBALL mixed in! WRECK EM TECH!
Let’s see a lot of that tonight boys!

Pictureless Post

It’s been so long, sorry bloggies!

I have decided I like doing speed work on the GASP! Treadmill. Yup, I said like and treadmill in the same sentence. But since I live nowhere near a conventional track (and refuse to run 8 laps to equal 1 mile at my school’s track) and don’t have a Garmin or other GPS watch…it is the best way to make sure of my pace. It is also convenient because lately I have chosen sleep over early morning runs and it is still too hot to run outside after about 8:00.
I did 4 miles this morning
Mile 1- 8:30
Mile 2- 8:00
Mile 3-3.5- 7:30
Mile 3.5-4- 7:00
Mile 4-8:00

Glorious! Followed by a quickie weight sesh. I miss my Making the Cut workouts, and as usual, without a specific workout plan I have been SLACKING on the strength!

This weekend will be a new distance PR…17 miles! Eek! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I will be in Austin tomorrow and most of Friday for a conference, so I will thankfully be pretty distracted spending time with my best friends wining and dining.

I am thankful to be training for this marathon this semester, it seems like my life is going in a million different directions right now, but raising money for and training for this marathon is giving me a singular purpose and focus. Running is also the only me time I am getting lately, and I cherish it.

Be back this Saturday with a long run re-cap, Austin PICS, and A TEXAS TECH VS. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS KICKOFF!!!!

El hambre

There are two things that have definitely increased during this training
1. the amount of sleep I require (think 1-2 hour naps + 8 hours of sleep a night when possible)
2. the amount of food I have been eating

Saturday remains ice cream night:
Gotta Love It? YES PLEASE! That would be a birthday cake remix add cookie dough. Ice cream actually kills my stomach, and I paid for it that night and the next day, but it’s just too good to turn down. I usually opt for fro-yo when possible, but nothing beats the real stuff!
My take on the McGriddle…Ezekiel english muffin with an egg white and drizzle of maple syrup.
Whole Wheat Banana Bread!
Breakfast of Champions! Coffee + GM (the standard mix, frozen naner, protein powder, spinach, ice, soymilk)
Pre-run energy booster…1 medjool date with almond butter!
Still chowin’ down on the grande ensaladasss!
An apple a day really does keep the doctor away. Or maybe a combination of things, but I’ll still have my daily Pink Lady, thank you!
Anyone see and drool over Mark Bittman’s article in the latest Runners World?! I have A WHOLE STINKING TON of respect for Mark Bittman, and also think he is hilarious! Usually when I see recipes in magazines and such I think “that looks good, I’ll make that sometime” and sometimes I do, often I don’t. There was no waiting for his Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables. I used 1lb of chicken sausage for the meat, and it was delicous, of course.

This is only a glimpse, add about a pound of peanut butter, several boxes of cereal, packed sandwiches for lunch at school and carton after carton of yogurt…and you have a hungry girl training for a marathon! I am that kid that eats in every class, you know it.

7 miles in the morning! Adios amigos!

Downwind of the donut shop

Hey guys! Thanks for sticking with me in my absence…life just gets crazy sometimes! But this weekend I get to slowwwww down and take a few breathers, YA for holidays…and college football!!!!

My running has been so amazing lately. For quite a while I felt like I was on a plateau…at the base of a mountain. Weekly runs were easy, long runs were hard, and while I finished them…it was always just barely, and when I looked ahead my training plan loomed and I knew I had a LONG way to go. Throw in a few running disasters (hello Midland) and I was questioning my sanity in proceeding. But the last two weeks have given me a huge boost of confidence!

12 miles last week and 14 this morning. They were hard, don’t get me wrong, but I finished both feeling GOOD and STRONG, and like I might…just might, be able to run them x2, and cross the finish line in November.

A few things I attribute to this:
-Taking Fridays (the day before my long run) as a complete rest day and getting A LOT of sleep Thursday nights. Not running means I can sleep in, and my body is thanking me.
-Slowing down. Not too much, but I ran this mornings 14 at a solid 9:00min pace, the slowest yet.
-Being flexible with my schedule. A few times my runs haven’t worked on the days scheduled, normally I would break my back fitting them in…but lately I’ve just been letting it go and switching things around. Sure, it’s not ideal…but I’m not trying to WIN the marathon here, just finish it! (and maybe BQ? A girl can dream right?) So as long as I’m hitting my weekly mileage, I’m not stressing. Running is fun, sometimes that’s easy to lose sight of!

Curious about the title? It was windy in Lubbock this morning, shocker, and my 3rd and 11th miles had me running straight at a donut shop and into the wind. What kind of a sick joke is that! Haha.

I mixed some Gatorade with my water today and also took a Mocha flavored ClifGel at mile 7. This helped so much, I felt a drastic improvement in my energy level on the second half of my run. I bought shot blocks and Luna Moons too, so I will be trying those out in the next few weeks! I will try to do a food post here soon, but don’t worry, I’ve been eating my way through this training for sure.

Sorry for the short post, but it is GAME DAY Y’ALL! GO RAIDERS!

Quarrelsome Quads

Tomorrow will be my last official day of doing Jillian Michael’s Making The Cut workouts. As RIDICULOUSLY HARD as it has been, I am a little disappointed that it’s over! I think I will probably go through the books again, but up my weights and be more lenient with off days. With school starting in three days and two jobs, I for sure won’t have time to workout twice a day anymore.

Speaking of two jobs (job #1 is at a fancy italian/american restaurant) I LOVE MY NEW JOB! No suprise, my job responsibilities consist of signing people up for fitness classes, special events (triathlons, road races, etc.), doing physical assesments like blood pressure, flexibility, BMI, body fat %, giving people that come in to the campus rec center advice on working out/nutrition, plus SO MUCH MORE! Um hello perfect job description for me! Training for body fat composition tests left me with bruises on the pinch spots because I was elected training dummy 😦 still tons o’ fun though!

My past few runs have been somewhat troublesome, but nothing serious. I did hills for my shorter run on Thursday, and my quadriceps had a lot to say about that. I attribute their discontent to my strength training, they were just asking for a break, I think! So I gave myself a true rest day on Friday. As bad as it is, this rarely happens. I know the risks of overexercising, but my energy levels are so much higher when I do exercise, that I often feel lethargic on rest days. On the other hand, if I took them more often maybe I would feel revitalized more easily. Catch 22 I suppose, but I DO need to be better about resting. Anywho…

Saturday’s RUNdown: 10 miles, about 90 minutes.
I did this run in Midland, Texas. Never heard of it? Consider yourself lucky (sorry Dad!) This is easily one of the ugliest, most boring towns in West Texas…which makes running it a bear. I reminded myself that I was so unbelievably lucky to have the ability to run, and tried to make the best of it. The roads I planned out on didn’t go through, so I ran the route I ran right before I took the LSAT (YUCK) and my scheduled 12 turned into 10.

I know, I know, get a Garmin, right?! Ya…next time I have 300 bones laying around I’ll get right on that! Not bitter…just INSANELY jealous. Haha.

Today turned into an unintended rest day. But after early coffee with a friend, church, getting a tire fixed, and work, I didn’t feel like it. I’m really active at work, so I’ll call it an active rest day. That works.

Now the good stuff!
I don’t think a day has gone by this summer that I didn’t eat an apple. No lie.
Salad bar at the grocery store. It’s no Whole Foods, but still delicious! Definitely me and Jacob’s most regular lunch spot.
My weekend luggage, with a bag of food. Totally normal, right?! Maybe not, but I’ve learned from experience. Pack snacks! Especially when you have a 12 miler planned. Unfortunately, I drank that Myoplex warm (long story) so I can’t give an honest review, because I just choked it down to get some calories in.
Lauren’s Chicken Picatta: (serves 2)
-2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
-WW Flour
-Salt & Pepper
-8oz sliced mushrooms
-capers, to taste (Jacob & I are obsessed, so we use a lot)
-Juice of 1 lemon
-8oz dry white wine (I used Pinot Grigio)
-2 cloves minced garlic
-1T butter, divided in half

Heat 1T or so of EVOO in a pan over medium heat, saute shrooms until almost fully cooked, set aside, but keep pan on heat.

Pound out chicken breasts to about 1/4 inch. You want them thin enough that they will cook quickly. In a plastic bag, toss chicken in 1/4c. flour, salt, and pepper. When oil is hot (add more if needed) but not quite smoking, place chicky’s in pan, and brown. Mas o menos 3min per side. Set aside.

Add lemon juice, vino, capers, and shrooms back to pan. Scrape the bottom to get all the goodness off, and add 1/2 T of buttahhhh. When simmering, return chicken to pan and allow to cook for 5-10 minutes. We used big pieces of chicken, which obvi required a little more cooking time. This recipe is great b/c of all the liquid…it would be hard to dry your chicky’s out.

Remove chicky’s from pan, add remaining 1/2T of butter, and de-glaze the pan again. Once your sauce tightens, drizzle over chicken to serve. You may need to add more wine! Now devour and revel in the deliciousness.

This is an adaptation of Giada’s + my Dad’s chicken picatta, the perfect combo I think! Served with a side of roasted veggies and this beauty:
Jacob requested this, imagine that! Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, red onion, goat cheese and light italian dressing. I was later informed I forgot the strawberries…my bad! Still delicious.

This week promises to be busy, but I will try to post (and comment!) as often as possible. I am trying to be on the internet less and in my Bible or spending true quality time with people more, so bear with me as I try to find a balance!