In the Beginning…

WELCOME TO MY BLOG! I have been addicted to reading running/health/nutrition/cooking blogs for about a year now, I can’t believe I am finally starting my own! My purpose here is to allow my supporters of my time with Team In Training (more on that later!) to follow my training. I want to tell of my journey, and hopefully inspire others to get out there and MAKE A DIFFERENCE, no matter how you do it.

There are countless, literally countless, reasons why I am doing this, and why I am at this point in my life physically and nutritionally. For yalls sake, this is the condensed version. The Lord has given me a passion for physical activity. The end. As a little girl I hated dolls, barbies, clothes, etc! I wanted to be dirty and playing with the boys. This turned into ten years of elite competitive softball. Friends, that could be a novel in itself…long story short, it shaped me, good and bad. The decision to not play in college, and the transition from being known and treated as an athlete to kinda floundering and not really knowing who I was without softball was HARD. Fortunately, I have an amazing family, a best friend (and roommate at the time) who was going through the same thing, wonderful friends and a church support group that led me to the only answer, the Lord! I have truly been a Christian my whole life, but this is when Jesus and I just took off running together. But, right when I thought I had this little world figured out, I studied abroad in Spain, and once again everythingggg got turned upside down, including my struggle with not being as physically active as I used to be. But, Jesus never fails! I turned to Him in the ABYSS that was Europe for me in those first few weeks, and I had the best semester of my entire life. I was spiritually on fire and, hello…I was in EUROPE!
When I got back to America, it was time to go to work. I had a lot of money to make and a semester of overindulging (three crepes a day in Paris? welllll…I was only there once right?!) had taken its toll. This is when I fell in love with running. I had always enjoyed it, and was naturally good at it in high school, but endurance isn’t a key factor of the game, and three miles was about as far as I was ever pushed. My brother told me he was going to run a half marathon in November, and I decided to be a typical little sister and tag along. I LOVED having a training plan to follow, it was like being coached again! Once back at school I found the best running buddy a girl could ask for, and we ran our tails off! I raced my first 5k, then 10k, then completed the half-marathon (sans brother) and as SOON as I crossed the finish line my only thought was “I have to do a marathon” I have been bitten by the running bug.

Somewhere in the midst of all of this, I have been praying for the Lord to turn the passion He has given me and the ability to run into a way to share and show His glory. Sure, I was doing charity races, but I knew in my heart if I was going to dedicate as much time to running as I was, it NEEDED to be something bigger than myself. Enter…Team In Training. The Lord is amazing, and obstacles I was weary of were blasted away through prayer, lots of prayer. This was a decision I have been talking to Jesus about for months! I love everything I have heard/seen about this organization, and it is a cause that affects SO many of us.

By simultaneously writing this blog and sharing my journey, I hope to do more than just raise money. I have many motives, but I want to also be an example of healthy living, another passion I have discovered. It will be a separate post, because I fear of losing readers before I even HAVE them with ginormous posts, so consider this a cliff hanger…and come back soon!

I should get my TNT schedule & gear early next week! SO PUMPED! Thanks for reading yall, feel free to ask any questions/give any suggestions!


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