Todays workout was 45 minutes on the elliptical followed by upper body weights. This was my first time on the elliptical in months…possibly years! I not so secretely hate the elliptical, and before this morning would say that it is worthless. My hamstrings are TIGHT though and I really got my heart rate up, so it’s possible I was just lazy in the past.

So, one may be wondering why my blog is titled “RUN and REJOICE” and I have yet to post a running workout. No, friends, I am not a poser. I am being cautious. I was recently diagnosed with osteopena, and am getting a full bone scan done next week to make SURE I am stress fracture free before I start TNT! This is taking a LOT of patience, as I already cut back seriously on weekly mileage but am still suffering from shin pain. A few things I try to remind myself of…
1. I am running for life. Not for the next race or that days runners high.
2. I run to stay healthy, if running hurts me…that logic goes out the window.
3. I am doing TNT to fight for millions that suffer SO MUCH MORE than shin splints. I am so thankful for the health and abilities I DO have.



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