“Cause you’re hot and you’re cold…”

I LOVE YOGA. I went to a studio here in Lubbock for a 75 minute all level class and LOVED it. It was so challenging but the instructor was awesome! I have only ever done 10 sessions of formal Bikram yoga, and this was completely different, actually a lot more similar to what you see at yogadownload.com which = a LOT of downward dogs! Good thing I’ve been practicing, I woulda been toast in the first 5 minutes!

Rewind to this morning when I made sure to fuel up 2 hours before! (yes, I research these things. It just comes with the territory people!) I am loving this combo, it isn’t quite filling enough for a post-workout meal but is AWESOME beforehand. Lots of protein, carbs and just enough fat to get you going and keep you full, but not sloshy like straight yogurt/cereal/oatmeal. Perfect! Plus, if you can’t decide between hot or cold breakfast…helloooo compromise (hence, the Katy Perry title, bad joke, bad joke)


2 Kashi Honey Oat Waffles, almond butter, 1/2 sliced banana, Nonfat Greek God’s yogurt*, touch of Polaner’s apricot preserves + hazelnut cinnamon coffee w/ almond milk.

I bought a huge container of yogurt because it was on sale for 3$, which is less than 2 small containers of Fage or Oiko’s. However, it is NOT as thick! Which is disappointing, because the density and high protein is what makes Greek yogurt worth the splurge to me. After looking a little closer at the nutrition label, I found that 1 serving of Greek God’s has only half the protein as Fage or Oikos! Live and learn, it was cheap and is still delicious, but probably not a route I would go again.

And because I live in a state of constant hunger (obviiii) I grabbed a medjool date with some almond butter right before I left for the studio, which is a pretty standard pre-workout energy booster for me!

I have felt awesome all day. I blame yoga, and am already trying to figure out when I can squeeze in another session! Bedtime for this girl, worked all night and am back to the restaurant at 9:30 tomorrow…boo!


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