Yesterday (No I didn’t post yesterday..bad blogger!) I did the elliptical & biked, plus arm/core weights.

I didn’t work yesterday, iced a lot, and took it easy on my legs, yet they were STILL achy! So, today, instead of fighting my urge to run, which I have fought EVERY DAY for the past weeks, I went with it. The weather was gorgeous, the sun just coming up, and the West Texas Wind was not yet whipping. So I ran, just under 4 miles in 28 minutes to be exact. I tried really hard to take my pace easy, which is hard because I am so competitive that I often set unrealistic times and goals for myself when running. I have learned two things from this;
1. I run a lot better with someone (Keri, come back!)
2. This may account for a lot of my leg pain.

My legs are a little tired today, but I worked for 6 hours in heels, so that’s no suprise. I get my bone scan tomorrow and will have the results Friday, so hopefully the guess work will stop then. I’m hoping for the best at this point, which would be shin splints and NOT stress fractures!

Last night we had an easy + delicious summer dinner:

Spinach, fresh fruit & goat cheese salad

Spinach, fresh fruit & goat cheese salad

Barbeque Chicken + Chipotle Mashed Potatoes!

Barbeque Chicken + Chipotle Mashed Potatoes!

The chicken marinated all day in my Dad’s *SECRET* BBQ sauce, the ONLY kind I will eat…it’s true, my parents have stories of temper tantrums over store bought or restaurant made BBQ sauce to testify.
The chipotle mashed potatoes were a bit of an expirement. A while ago, Jacob and I went out to Manna ( for dinner, and he had some AWESOME spicy mashed potatoes. They were definitely made with chili powder, but I wasn’t convinced just dumping chili powder alone into mashed potatoes would achieve a complex enough flavor. So I added some chopped chipotles in adobo sauce, and boiled the potatoes with 3 cloves of garlic. Okay, these tasted almost nothing like the ones from Manna, but they were AH-MAZING! An awesome change from boringggg mashed potatoes!

yummy yummy dinner thanks to the help of the grill man! DSCN2094

I can SMELL my dinner cooking now, which means it is time to go, expect a dinner post later!

Hopefully tonight will contain more of this:

Meet Bella, Jacob’s MYnew dog! :]


One response to “Bah!

  1. Crossing my fingers that you don’t have a stress fracture!

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