Fluids, Faith & Frivolity!

I can already tell that this whole “witty title” pressure I feel will be very burdensome.

I had my bone scan today. I had visions of reporting on its uneventfulness, but it turned out to be, in fact, very eventful. They were required by law to give me a pregnancy test, which required giving blood. Then, when getting injected with radioactive medicine they also take some blood, plus inject you with a LOT. Despite having already eaten twice that morning (breakfast + snack) I lost it, literally passed out on the table! That was a first for me, and pretty scary as I was all alone! After laying there forever until I felt better, I assured (and reassured) the radiologist I was FINE, and drove home.

My friend Mr. Headache then accompanied me through lunch, the actual scan that I had to go back for 2 hours later, and most of the afternoon. Which explains the fluids:

Mango Smoothie

Mango Smoothie

My current smoothie obsession. It’s perfect, light and beachy, allows for sufficient daydreaming/stomach filling! And anything paired with the latest Runners World is bound to be enjoyable, obvi.
-1/2 c light vanilla soy
-1/2 c yogurt
– 1/2 mango
– 1/2 frozen banana

and this

Iced unsweetened green tea!

Iced unsweetened green tea!

This would be the frivolous portion of my title, as Starbucks is NOT necessary for proper re-hydration. It is, however, delicious.

I planned on working out today, but I was up EARLY studying and then after the scanning business I was clearly not up for it! I am getting an early run/weight session in in the morning before more studying, and am looking forward to it! THREE DAYS UNTIL SAN ANTONIO :D!

I made a new running playlist tonight. I really enjoy working out to worship music, but it is so hard to find! Any suggestions?! These are some of my favorites, and some new finds as well.
-Fading x Decyfer Down
-Jai Ho x Slumdog Millionaire Soundtrack
– Fight Like This x Decyfer Down
-New Shoes x Paolo Nutini
-Rebirthing x Skillet
-Dead and Gone x TI and Justin Timberlake
-Green Light x Andre 3000 and John Legend
-Free to be Me x Francesca Battesteli
-Devour x Shinedown
-Comatose x Skillet
-Hero of the Day x Metallica
-Stand Up x Trapt
-It Happens x Sugarland
-Will Not Fade x Audio Adrenaline
-Misery Business x Paramore
-Underdog x Audio Adrenaline
-Break My Fall x Breaking Benjamin

Goodnight friends! I have a heart full of faith that embarking on this journey with Team In Training is where I am supposed to be, and all will be well or at least manageable when we get the scan results!


One response to “Fluids, Faith & Frivolity!

  1. Mmm…smoothies. That mix sounds absolutely delicious. Anything with mango instantly makes me a fan. 😀

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