Juice me!

RUNdown: 3 miles, 22 minutes. The only remarks I really have is humidity + hills really stink! But I love a hard run, especially when it makes 3 miles a bit more eventful. I’m not sad to be going back to flat/dry Lubbock though, even if it makes me a sissy runner…I’ll get over it.

Out of boredom Jacob and I went over to SunHarvest to kill time. THEY HAD A JUICE BAR!

I’ve been wanting to try a juice forever, but was definitely not going to take the plunge and buy a juicer. This was super yummy, but SO filling. I had no idea! Love it though, there has to be at least ONE juice bar in Lubbock. Maybe? I also picked up wheat berries, so expect to see those sometime this week!



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