I take it back!

Lubbock took its vengeance on me today for blaming it for making me a sissy runner. Jacob and I went out to Mae Simmons park to run a local cross country route. There are meets here ALL the time, college and high school, and it is a pretty killer course. It is 2 miles, lots of hills, turns, and changing surfaces, which is why I LOVE it. It never gets boring!

RUNdown: I ran the course twice, for a total of 4 miles in 30 minutes. My shins were nagging me a little bit, maybe for running two days in a row, or maybe just for subjecting them to hills. Other than that this was a good hard run that really really challenged me. The kind of good run that leaves you satisfied for the rest of the day.

I needed to hit the books ASAP, and had a lack of fresh fruit, so smoothie it was. I re-created an old favorite from my gym in San Antonio’s smoothie shop.
This is usually called a “Matt’s meal” but it doesn’t have chocolate like mine. Which DUH makes it better, so therefore I am changing the name, not sure what to yet…suggestions?!
-12oz Horizon Organic Reduced Fat Chocolate Milk
-1/2 frozen Banana
-1/4 c frozen blueberries
-1 T MaraNatha Peanut Butter
-1/4 c oatmeal

YUM. and ultra filling. This baby powered me through almost three hours of studying! Yeaaa!

Not sure what tomorrow will hold, workout-wise. I have class and work and then a bbq with friends, AND our rec recentley opened a leisure pool I have been wanting to check out! Do I hear a rest day?!

I’m noticing a lot of new readers! Leave some comments of things you would like to see/read on future posts, or any questions you may have!


One response to “I take it back!

  1. I vote lauren’s meal

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