I’m back!

Hi friends! Thanks for sticking with me through the mini-hiatus! LSAT is DONE! And while I feel good, I will feel GREAT (hopefully) once I get my score in three weeks. But enough of that nonsense…on to the good stuff!

I won’t even attempt to catch up, though I did have a few notable discoveries last week…

1. I am NOT in long distance running shape anymore! My current long run is 5mi. A few months ago…this was a short run! I guess I still have that mindset, but I certainly need to shake it because those 5 miles are challenging right now.

2. I think cycling is what makes my shins hurt the most. I googled it…I found a few other people who wrote about this, but it is certainly uncommon. But they REALLY hurt when I bike, and afterwards even more. When I run…nothing! Does this happen to ANYONE ELSE? It doesn’t make sense, because cycling is low-impact, but they do put a lot of stress on the lower legs…who knows.

3. Confirmed my love for yoga. Was able to go twice last week, I wish it was free, I would be there everyday!

AND in current news…I finally broke down and did it.
NOTE: I am not trying to “shred” anything, persay! I just want to tone up, and after years (literally YEARS) of lifting weights, I am still comprised of toothpick and chicken leg appendages.
And I won’t lie…it’s a lot easier to workout when someone is telling you what to do! Plus I pretty much want to BE Jillian Michaels, so it’s really no suprise.
NOTE #2: I had to promise Jacob he retained the right to cut me off if I started to resemble Jillian Michaels and/or a man in any way. Silly? YES.

and even MORE exciting…I am reading this:
chi running

FASCINATING. I am about 2/3 of the way through, and I can already tell I will be reading it a few times. I absolutely love everything Danny Dreyer has to say about running, and the fact that it is based on physics and Tai Chi is incredibly compelling. I will definitely do a full book review when I finish it, so stay tuned! I can’t wait to start incorporating his principles into my running!

Tomorrow I am going to share how I kept myself running when I first started, even though it was HARD! I want to do a series of posts on topics like these;
-Different types of runs
-Good/bad training plans

Any others?! Thanks for the good idea, Jules!

Tonight I get to make Jacob’s meal plan for his beginning of p90x I love a good challenge, and am not so secretely jealous of his little endeavor…but I know I do NOT need to put my body through this, especially before a marathon! I will be nagging rooting him on every step of the way though!

Adios bloggies!


2 responses to “I’m back!

  1. I read Chi Running but it didn’t change much for me.

    What marathon are you going for again?

    • Really? I’ve honestly never given TOO much thought to my form, after playing sports for so long running is just second nature. I am curious to see if I see any changes after incorporating his methods in to my running.

      I am doing the Rock N Roll San Antonio in November!

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