Summer lovin’ havin’ a blasttt

Isn’t summer great? As busy as I have been, I had to stop today and appreciate the fact that I was able to swim laps outside for my workout in the middle of the day! So what if I had class this morning and work tonight, there is still that eensy bit of freedom that summer brings that I am loving.

So, today was a cross training day. I swam laps for about 20 minutes, then went home to “shred”. I think tomorrow I am going to move up to Level 2, dun dun dun…

I sent out my Team In Training e-mails today, and in literally four hours I am already 4% to my goal! I am feeling very encouraged right now, and eager to get out and raise some more money!

Food was pretty uninteresting today, my toaster decided to spaz and burnt my waffles this morning, so I ate my last Ezekiel cinnamon raisin muffin, saddd. Lunch was an egg sammie and my ridiculously early senior citizen dinner was leftovers. Like I said, yawn!

Time for work, hasta pronto!


One response to “Summer lovin’ havin’ a blasttt

  1. awesome job on the crosstraining!!! good luck on level 2 – she is brutal!

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