I don’t know who’s worse…

Gooooood evening!
I started off my day with level 2 as promised…WOW. Quite a bit harder than level 1 for sure! Usually strength is my weak area, but I have to admit I struggled through the cardio on this one (ummm runner? meh). My muscles were definitely feeling it the rest of the day.

How does one fight sore muscles? YOGA of course.

Unfortunately, P90x yoga was probably not the most restorative yoga session out there. And, by “probably not” I mean, I am sitting on the couch bemoaning my jello arms and legs.

Jillian v. Tony…who’s worse? It’s hard to say friends, it really is.

Good thing I had an AMAZING dinner to perk me up just a little!
I based my meal off of this recipe but made a LOT of adjustments. This happens when you are on a college kid budget. Yes, that’s a euphemism for BROKE.

-I subbed wheatberries for quinoa. 1 more gram of protein, and I already had some cooked and waiting to be morphed into something delicious!
-No tahini, because Lubbock is, well, Lubbock and has none. I used a smidge of raw peanut butter (from the grind yourself tubs at the store!) and a drop or two of Sesame Oil. Whisk, whisk, whisk, to make a paste. Similar, though you wouldn’t mistake it for tahini.
-I obviously quartered the recipe, because I was flying solo for dinner tonight.


It’s nice to eat simple, delicious, WHOLE foods. I completed my meal with a bigggg ‘ol baked sweet potato on the side. Back to basics, people! Worried about the lack of meat? Don’t be! This salad alone packed 15 grams of protein in just the wheat berries and garbanzo beans. MmmmmHmmmm.

See you tomorrow for my RUNdown!


2 responses to “I don’t know who’s worse…

  1. Looks delicious!

  2. Obviously just catching up on your blog after vacation, but congrats on taking the LSAT. I love those Heidi Swanson recipes–made one last night!

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