Early post!

I don’t think I last posted even 12 hours ago?! But I have an extra hour before work because we had a test in class today that took me all of 12 minutes. Awesome.

Nothing exciting on the workout front really, I got dominated by Jillian this morning. Still doing Level 2!

Per request of my sis, here is the promised post about what keeps me motivated to run/workout.
1. HAVING A GOAL. A real, attainable goal. When I first started running seriously, it was to train for the half marathon, with a secondary goal of getting back in shape after an indulgent semester in Europe (that I wouldn’t trade for the world, by the way.) Find a race, and sign up for one, that way you’re stuck. If your goal is weight loss/getting in shape, I recommend a body fat percentage goal, not a number on the scale, which can be deceiving. Especially when you are running, it is easy to shed fat and gain muscle, leaving the numbers on the scale either the same or increasing. Plus, I think America’s obsession with this number has gone overboard, focus instead on leading a healthy lifestyle and feeling GOOD about yourself, the rest will follow!
2. I am a morning workout person, for several reasons.
-It is the only time of day that nothing else will come up, or get in the way. Not much happens at 5:30 or 6:00 am.
-I find it hard to run with a day or half days worth of food in my stomach, but feel out of energy if I wait the recommended three hours after a meal. In the morning, I can just get up and go, maybe grabbing a banana w/ PB or something if it’s a longer run.
-I feel so AWESOME after a run. Call it the “Runners High” if you want, but I feel like a rockstar going to my 8am class knowing I have already run 5 miles. It’s such a great start to my day, and gets me energized. That 30-60 minute run does me much better than a few more minutes of half awake/half asleep laying in bed will.
3. Running centers me. I am extremely active, and struggle with a traditional “quiet time”. I still read my bible daily, but a good morning run watching the sun come up is a great time for me and the Lord to spend some time together.
4. When ALL of this fails to motivate me, I won’t lie, I resort to my superficial reasons for running. Runners have great bodies, and six packs without hours of crunches. Sign me up.
5. Running partners are such a blessing. They keep you super accountable. I can’t tell you how many times my not wanting to let Keri down got me out of bed last fall to train. Even if it is just one run a week, running with a partner keeps you fresh, and motivated.

My next informative post will be about training mistakes, I’ve made a lot (and still do)! But practice makes perfect! TGIF FRIENDS!


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  1. I agree with all of those!

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