Joining the revolution

Hey there!

Todays RUNdown: A pretty quick three miles this morning, 19:40. I wanted to get my 5k time under 20 minutes, for no reason other than I am a goal-oriented person, and that is (obviously) an achievable goal for me.
I ended my workout with Level 2 of DREAD shred. If I do this after a hard run I skip the cardio, which almost makes it harder because you get only a minute break from strength versus 3. But when I am in a rush to get to class in the morning, it is easier on my body and my stress levels for sure!

I don’t think I have posted this yet…but I have joined the Green Monster Revolution!

-1 frozen banana
-1 cup milk of choice (I like hemp or almond!)
-1 scoop peanut butter
-1 scoop protein powder (currently using Jay Robb’s Vanilla Whey…YUM)
-2 handfuls spinach!
**1/4c. oatmeal

**After experimenting with this after a week, I have found that if this is a post-workout breakfast, I need more carbs than what the milk and bananas give me. Carbs are essential in muscle recovery, actually more important that proteins and fat (those are still good though!). My muscles were REALLY sore when I first started drinking this, and I couldn’t pin it. Then it dawned on me! My other post-workout meals generally consist of oatmeal, yogurt/cereal, waffles/pancakes…etc. Carb-central basically. While my green monsters were awesome, the perfect summer breakfast, and ultra-healthy, I forgot about the importance of nurturing my muscles!

The green monster is really proving to be the happy medium though. It gets my energy levels WAY UP, and with the few extra carbs is a great recovery, without dragging me down. The spinach gives me fiber to keep me full too, and gives me a little “veggie-insurance” throughout the day. A great way to sneak greens in! You CANNOT taste them. Proof: Jacob is addicted, and bought ingredients for his own green monsters last night.

That’s all folks!


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