Looking forward to Monday?

My two runs this weekend STUNK! Normally I relish weekend runs, because I have more time to enjoy them, and less to clear my head of. NOT SO this weekend. Saturday would have been fine, until I was exactly halfway into my loop and it started pouring, which made turning around pointless so I just booked it home. The upside is I did 3 miles in 20 minutes again. Yayyyy consistency (note: sarcasm).

Then this morning was my “long run” (not long at all, but while I’m not officially training…it is) of 5 miles. It was HOT and HUMID and I looked at my heart rate monitor with about a mile left and realized my HR was 212! Ummm, I knew I was struggling but that was a sure fire sign to CHILL. I walked for a half mile and then slow jogged it home. I must have started out too fast + the heat and it just got me. Even with walking I did 5 miles in 46ish minutes.

So tonight I am feeling discouraged but excited to breaky my stinky streak with a good short run tomorrow morning before I start my day. I’m grateful that I have the ability to run, and another day to do so in. These aren’t things to take for granted!

Anywho…before work yesterday I had a pretty rockin’ dinner

Asian inspired salmon salad

Asian inspired salmon salad

I bought a pre-portioned 6oz salmon filet while I was at the grocery store. I felt a little indulgent, because I have a freezer full of chicken, ground beef, sausage, etc. BUT it was 4$, which is less than a Starbucks these days.
I made a little glaze with what I had on hand
-tsp minced garlic
-1T or so of soy sauce
-1t brown sugar
-dashes of pepper, crushed pepper, ginger

Marinated the salmon in it at room temperature for about 20 minutes, and baked at 350 for 15 minutes. I ate it over a beast of a sald of mixed greens, shaved carrot and cucumber, cherry tomatoes, bean sprouts, yellow and orange peppers. I also made a quick dressing out of the leftover glaze + a little red wine vinegar to thin it out. YUM. And a kiwi on the side!

I NEVER eat frozen food. I would even go so far as to say I never eat pre-packaged food. For all of the obvious reasons, gross AND bad for you? I’ll pass! But, there are those times when you haven’t been to the store, are tired, cranky, and starving (like when you have been working all day, haven’t gotten paid and have zero fresh food). Enter, Amy’s Kitchen Products. All natural, incredibly healthy, and INSANELY DELICIOUS.
It’s already been determined that their soups are the best on the market. I also have quite an affinity for their refried beans and individual burritos. I had high expectations for her Palak Paneer, and it did NOT disappoint. Thank you, Amy’s, for providing healthy easy options for times like these!

Off to finalize my project and hit the hay! Hasta manana bloggies!


One response to “Looking forward to Monday?

  1. I just bought that Amy’s meal and it’s in my freezer for when I get sick of sandwiches and leftovers for work lunches. It’s one of my favorites.

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