I’ve probably had the world’s lamest day, and my shins are killing me for no immediately obvious reason. Maybe shred? Maybe running three days in a row (but not today?). Regardless, no whining, that’s not fun for anyone to read! Let me forewarn you, I am bored so this post may be painstakingly long.

I just did level 2 of Shred this afternoon, I’m CLOSE to advancing, but not there yet. Everyday I do these workouts, I think about the people working out for the first time, either ever, or in a long time. Or the out of shape people trying to get IN to shape. These workouts are hard, and according to my sports medicine doctor I am “healthier than textbook healthy”. The way Jillian combines strength, cardio, abs using resistance, weights, and plyometrics is nothing short of insane, but effective…I think. We’ll see in about 15 more days!

I have a new favorite snack plate, a la Gliding Calm! It is a refreshing switch from my typical midday yogurt bowl, which was getting boring and too heavy feeling for summer (IT’S SO HOT HERE.)

Apple, Carrot, and PB

Apple, Carrot, and PB

Apple, Carrot, Pepper, Brocolli & Hummus

Apple, Carrot, Pepper, Brocolli & Hummus

Obviously, I didn’t dip the apples in the hummus! Haha.

I also had a purple monster today, shall we call him Barney?
-1/2 Frozen banana
-1/2c. Frozen blueberries
-1c. Hempmilk
-Less than half a scoop protein powder because I’m out 😦
-1 Kale leaf
-1T PB

Equally as delicious as the traditional green monster!

I have been trying Kale in my smoothies instead of spinach because spinach in excess can reduce your bones ability to absorb calcium. Given that I currently have the bones of a 60 YEAR OLD WOMAN. Yes, you read that correctly, I need to do everything to increase my bones calcium absorption ability. Spinach is a good source, but in excess can have the opposite effect. Other foods I am trying to incorporate are nuts and seeds, broccoli, and leafy greens. Dairy is obvious, but often overprocessed, which I am always trying to get away from. It didn’t stop me this morning though…
Yup, I took a page out of Heather’s book (blog? haha) and used my PB container that had about a tsp of PB left in it as my yogurt bowl this morning.
-1/2c. overnight oats
-1 5oz container 2% Fage (Uh, heaven?)
-1 sliced banana
-Sprinkle of granola for crunch
-1t + whatever was on the sides of delicious peanut buttahhhhhh jar

This is a great zero effort breakfast, that REALLY fills you up. Soak 1/2c. oats in 1/2c. water overnight, in the morning drain excess liquid and mix in yogurt or milk, desired fruit and/or other toppings. Yum! It is a good cold alternative to hot cereal in the summer!

Okay, ONE MORE. I’ve been jones-ing for Pasta Primavera since, well, the spring. For some reason (a boyfriend that doesn’t like sauceless pasta maybe) I haven’t made it yet! I went veggie crazy at the grocery store this weekend though, so this was the perfect dish. I based it off of this recipe in Everyday Italian, but added mushrooms and hardboiled egg whites instead of parmesan. Well, not instead of parmesan, but I didn’t have parmesan and wanted protein. I also used whole wheat spaghetti because it is what I had on hand!

Whew! Longest post ever.

One more thing though, RUNNERS: ‘m looking for a good marathon training plan that will get me at least under 4 hours…any suggestions???

Back to the news. I am always a news junkie, but there is so much going on right now I’ve been especially addicted lately. Iran, health care debates, missing governors…riveting!


5 responses to “Longest.Post.Ever.

  1. there are LOTS of good marathon training programs, just depends how much you want to run etc… Hal Higdon, Smart coach on runners world (which you can personalize), I use Pfitz from Advanced Marathoning, FIRST is another one. Just gotta figure out what you want (how many days a week you want to run, what kind of workouts) and go from there!

  2. aron listed lots of plans. I used one from the Boston Athletic Association last time, but it assumes that you’ve run at least one marathon: http://www.bostonmarathon.org/BostonMarathon/MarathonTraining.asp?training=rookieprogram

    I like the looks of that pb jar. Do you think I can do that if mine is still half full? 😉

  3. +1 on Jess’s suggestion.

    You like Naturally More too? I am addicted to that stuff!

  4. Just found your blog through your posts on Runners’ World. Love all the foodie stuff. I’m a pretty new runner trying to up my healthy quotient in my food. Lots of good ideas. Love your blog!

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