Too much fun

I was informed today that it has almost been a week since my last post! Where did the time go? Maybe to wrapping up summer school (YAY) and my BEST FRIENDS being in town! Too much fun to blog I suppose!

This was how I spent my weekend…

Good times in the Hub City

Good times in the Hub City

The long awaited picture on the bulls :]

I didn’t run all weekend. I planned on it Sunday after my friends left, but honestly I just wanted to rest! It felt great to listen to my body and I was refreshed and ready to go today.

I started with a 4 mile run. I have started to incorporate the ChiRunning techniques and am seeing serious results, Danny Dreyer is on to something! Book report to come soon…

I also tripped on a sprinkler head and spread eagled in the middle of the sidewalk, NO ONE was around, thank goodness!! How embarassing, I’m lucky I didn’t hurt myself, haha. My training partner falls all the time but this was my first fall! Do y’all ever do this?!

I came home and did Level 3 Shred minus the cardio (Aw, no squat jumps…NOT.) I am also seeing minor results here! Nothing drastic at all, and I attribute most of it to me being disciplined with it, which I tend not to be with just lifting weights at the gym.

I FINALLY GOT SOME AMAZING MEAL PROTEIN POWDER! I’m sure y’all have seen this stuff blowin’ up all over the blog world, and when they offered a 40% discount to all Eat, Live, Run readers the same week I ran out of Jay Robb, I couldn’t resist. The nutritional stats on this stuff is out of this world. I can’t believe they can pack so much stuff in and make it taste so delicious.
Ignore the sweatiness, this was post work-out and I was starvin! This beauty included;
-1 frozen banana
-2c spinach
-1T Peanut Butter
-1.5c Almond Milk
-1 scoop chocolate Amazing Meal


Hoping to start regular posting this week! Thanks for the training plan tips. I’m about 18 weeks out from the marathon, and still haven’t picked one specific plan, though I plan to pretty soon. I am still doing a lot of reading and research about what will work best for me!

And one more…just because this weekend was so great!


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  1. I was wondering where you were!

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