Don’t worry, I haven’t converted, going to the driving range today was FUN, but golf definitely isn’t my forte. I couldn’t shake the softball swing. Regardless, it was fun to get out and do something with this guy…

Anywho, on to the real purpose of this post…
Todays RUNdown: 4 mi, 29:00.

This is exciting to me for a few reasons. This is a pretty quick pace for me, as I only started running seriously about a year ago and ran an average 9 minute mile for distances longer than about 2 miles. My running has clearly progressed a lot since that point, and seeing the numbers feels good. Secondly, on these early daily runs in my training, I’m not trying to run fast! I am simply applying what I learned in ChiRunning, and am winding up with improved times…this makes me happy. Thirdly, I am getting back in to running daily, and am not experiencing pain. Yes, my shins still like to nag me, but nothing like it was.

I did level 3 of shred without the cardio again today, and it’s official that I really do hate all that level 3 is, and that makes me want to do it even more. Call me crazy, but I love a challenge.

My Amazing Meal protein is still, well, amazing. Tomorrow I am going to add in a sample of the Wheat Grass I recieved to see if it really lives up to its claims of crazy energy! Let’s hope so, I’ve got a long shift to get through tomorrow!

Now back to more law school research, anyone care to just TELL me where to go? Maybe I’ll become a professional golfer…DSCN2292

p.s. Jacob and I went to Rockfish tonight. I seriously crave the Mexican Shrimp Martini ALL THE TIME. I order it as an entree, and get it extra spicy. It is the closest thing to ceviche I can find in Lubbock, and absolutely delicious. If there is a Rockfish near you, check it out!


2 responses to “GOLF!

  1. Hehe, I’ve also accompanied the boyfriend to the golf range. It’s not my forte either.

  2. I suggest that you go to Texas Tech

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