Hey bloggies! Few (12) hours behind on posting…but better late than never, right?!

Yesterday morning I had a glorious run + shred session. Can you tell I am loving this combo?

The RUNdown: 4 miles, 29.5 minutes. + Level 3 shred minus the cardio

This run was 30 seconds slower, but I don’t find that anything to fret over!
I am quickly approaching the 30 day mark in my 30 Day Shred journey! I see myself continuing it with variation, though. Because I am not taking class this session I don’t have access to the Rec Center…boo.

Last night’s dinner was blog worthy for SURE. When buying things for dinner earlier this week, Jacob and I saw Yellowfin Tuna on sale for $6.99!!! This stuff is easily $13 or $14 per pound normally. To make it even BETTER, extra large mangoes were .79 instead of $1. This got my wheels (and food blogger search engine) turning. The result…

Seared Tuna Steaks with Spicy Mango Sauce

Seared Tuna Steaks with Spicy Mango Sauce

I adapted a bunch of recipes, mostly going for a “sweet heat” effect. The end result was eyeballed but my closest approximation is…
-2 mangoes cubed
-2t (or more) Sriracha
-2t soy sauce
-2T cilantro
-2t Fresh squeezed lime
-pinch of salt (go light, the soy sauce provides plenty of sodium)
-Drizzle of EVOO, maybeee 2t? Enough to make this a SAUCE not a PASTE.
Throw all ingredients except for the Olive Oil into blender, turn on low and slowly drizzle in EVOO until mangoes are pureed. You can get it as thick or as runny as you like! I kept mine pretty thick. You can also increase/decrease the heat by adjusting the amount of Sriracha.

Jacob seared the tuna steaks in EVOO for about 3-4min per side in a skillet. Perfect!

ALL served with a side of Quinoa, that I threw extra cilantro and some chopped onion in for flavor!

Todays workout consisted of Level’s 1 & 2 of Shred. Don’t think I was trying to get out of Level 3, I set out with the intention of doing all 3 levels as this weekend will be a big cardio weekend…but I only made it through the first 2! Jillian doesn’t mess around!

Jacob and I have a bike ride planned on the IRONMAN course that we love! We do the sprint distance, which is 17 miles and it includes the only hills in Lubbock, which makes it killer, but so fun! And then a cookout with friends. Hope everyone has a fun holiday weekend planned!!! See ya later I’m sure!


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  1. I’m so glad I found your blog! Thanks for the comment, too. I’m totally going to have to try that sauce for fish. We eat a lot of fish around here, and I just bought some quinoa to try–my husband has wheat and a ton of other allergies, so we’ve been looking for some alternative foods. Thanks for sharing and thanks for visiting me over at my blog!

  2. Nice pace on that 4-miler!

    And your tuna just made me ready to go eat lunch. 🙂

  3. Nie run! Are you planning on a marathon soon?

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