1 down, 17 to go!

I finally chose a training plan! Check it out:
Novice Plan 1

I think Hal Higdon is basically a running genius. Last year when I trained started training to run a marathon (was sidelined by mono, which turned out to be a huge blessing in disguise) I followed a similar but more generic plan by Higdon. I like that each week has daily instructions. I debated, and am still debating between the Novice 1 and Novice 2 programs. I consider myself a pretty serious runner, and think I can handle it, but this IS my first marathon, so I don’t want to overtrain.

Yesterday Jacob and I didn’t go for a bike ride and I got my long run in on the scheduled day instead. Despite only getting 6 hours of sleep, I was up early to beat the heat! Being tired to me is better than being scorched.

Pre-run fuel:

1/2 a banana w/ PB, Ezekiel CinnRaisin Toast w/ PB + Raspberry Preserves

1/2 a banana w/ PB, Ezekiel CinnRaisin Toast w/ PB + Raspberry Preserves

I read about a lot of runners that can just wake up and run, or that only drink water or coffee. I did this for a while, but finishing my runs was HARD and I always ran out of energy by the end of my run, and was wiped out every time I finished. Before my first race I ate a snack because the 8am start time was later than usual for me to start a run…and I didn’t crash! Duh Lauren. Food=fuel.

I still assess how I feel every morning before I work out, to see if I really need to eat or not. Danny Dreyer would call this “Body Sensing”. Some mornings I don’t, but I would say 8 out of 10 mornings I eat something similar to this before heading out. It just goes to show that everyone is so different, and even if something works for 99 runners, you may be that 1 that needs to alter the norm a bit…listen to your body!

RUNdown: 6mi, 50:00 (on the dot, Jess!)
Even though it was only 6 miles, it was still my long run, which mean it should be run about a minute slower than race pace. I THINK I want my race pace to be about 8:30, which will put me under 4 hours. So, you do the math…I ran way too fast. Like 7 minutes too fast. I try so hard to slow down, and make a conscious effort to do so, but always end up too fast. I’m not sure if this means I need to re-evaluate my race pace, get over myself and just RUN SLOW, or not worry about it and let my legs do their thing.

Regardless, I felt great afterward and am excited for increasing mileage! I contribute my awesome recoveries lately to these guys:

None other than the GREEN MONSTERS!

None other than the GREEN MONSTERS!

Post-run mix:
-1 scoop Chocolate Amazing Meal
-1 frozen banana
-1c. Light Vanilla Silk
-2 pieces of kale
-1T Peanut Butter
-1/2c. water + ice
-1/4c. dry oatmeal

AAAAAAAAAAH-MAZING! It was actually two glasses worth!

No suprise though, I was hungry a few hours later. Running revs up my metabolism more than any other form of exercise. Good thing we had a great day of food yesterday with a picnic & a cookout! Hope y’all all had a great 4th of July!!!

I almost forgot! SHOUT OUT TO MY SISTERRRRR who signed up for the Rock N Roll San Antonio half-marathon(her first!). It will be so cool to run in the same race, and I think she is a rockstar for committing to that while still going to school, being a mom AND wife in the middle of New York City!


2 responses to “1 down, 17 to go!

  1. Hal Higdon has some good plans. I say roll with it.

  2. YAY training plans!!! I know a lot of people love Hal’s plans. I have a hard time slowing down too but have been trying VERY hard lately.

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