My first flop!

Let me just say, I bake GREAT cookies. This is fact. Ask the two biggest cookie critics and lovers in the world…my father and my boyfriend. They will tell you! So when I pulled THESE out of the oven…
I didn’t know what to do with myself! Here’s the weird thing, they aren’t burnt, quite the opposite actually…they are wayyyy gooey. As I was making them I kept thinking “man this brown sugar is weird” and “wow this is the most off color batter I’ve ever seen”. We (my mother and I) think both the brown sugar and baking soda were way beyond expired. We know the baking soda is, because of the date on the box…but the brown sugar was in a canister so who knows…

ME: “Mom, how old is that brown sugar?”
MOM: “Umm I don’t know?”
…we both look at its funny color and large HARD chunks, I give her the typical Lauren “annoyed” look…
MOM (in defense): “I don’t bake anymore!”


Okay, enough of that. (I’m still not over it though!). The real reason you’re here…nutrition and exercise!
I woke up first thing to un monstruo verde!

AKA Green Monster!

AKA Green Monster!

Typical mix
-1 frozen banana
-2c kale
-1c light vanilla soymilk
-1T almond butter
-1 scoop chocolate amazing meal

Yum. Kept me full but not TOO full for yoga, as well as helped hydrate me before the sweatiest bikram session of my LIFE! Along with strengthening and stretching your muscles, Bikram claims to relieve chronic pain symptoms. Other benefits include:
-Burns bodyfat and elevates your metabolism
-Reduces stress
-Increases flexibility
-Builds strength and endurance
-Increases muscle tone
-Helps with back, neck, shoulder and knee pain
-Improves quality of sleep
-Improves your posture
-Improves circulation
-Reduces risk of injury
-Raises energy level
-Increases balance, coordination, focus and discipline
-Improves healthy and balanced functioning of the skeletal, muscular, circulatory, digestive, respiratory, endocrine and nervous systems of the body
-Strengthens the immune system

Umm, yes please! For those of you that have never practiced, it is INTENSE! It is a serious of 26 postures each repeated twice, with a minimum room temperature of 105 degrees F for a total of 90 minutes! For more info checkout

Obviously, I was starving when I came home. I had a larger than life salad with half an avocado-turned-guacamole, hummus, copious amounts of veggies (many homegrown!), tons of water, and a huge apple. The rest of my afternoon (pre-cookie disaster) was spent like this…

Currently reading: The Pillars of the Earth by Ken Follet, SO GOOD!!!! And a more appropriate summer novel than my last read, My Sisters Keeper by Jodi Picoult. The book was depressing, the movie is unbearable.

Tired of reading yet? Don’t blame ya! See ya tomorrow for my long run re-cap!


3 responses to “My first flop!

  1. Sorry about the cookies 😦

    I passed out at the pool today too. It felt good!

  2. I love gooey cookies and might end up eating them anyway. Hehe.

  3. so how much would you pay me for the secret ingredient ? i know it.

    :] i love reading your little blog. i’ll have to get one eventually…

    come to austin ??

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