New obsession!

Today’s RUNdown: 3mi, 20:00. Again, yayyy consistency! Heart rate peaked at 199 today. I went at 6:30a.m. this morning, 30 minutes earlier than yesterday, and it made a considerable difference. The sun was barely coming up, and it was a good 5 degrees cooler. Needless to say, I didn’t have lazyLauren on my shoulder urging me to turn around this time.

Maybe because I wasn’t wiped out from the heat, or because I’m bored and have way too much time on my hands, I did levels 3 & 2 (in that order) of the 30 Day Shred, without the cardio. Challenging, but not butt kicking anymore. Soon I will have to move on, any suggestions for great ENTERTAINING strength plans? The point here is to keep me interested. I have always said just lifting weights makes me feel like a caveman. This is a strange notion I have undoubtedly conceived in my head, but I just can’t get over it!

Curious about the title? Here it is, my friends:

No…not the overwhelmingly discouraging law school application book, a new line of Harney & Sons flavored green tea’s!! I’m already a die hard fan of their hot cinnamon tea, and when I saw this guy today at Barnes & Noble I had to try it.
Described as “Green Tea with a Thai twist” the website describes the new Bangkok Blend ( describes it as
“The rich flavors of Thailand are the inspiration for this tasty tea blend, a combination of green tea, lemongrass, coconut and ginger. It is a tribute to one of the world’s great cuisines.”
The coconut and ginger flavors are subtle and perfect. I’m hooked.

I’m also DRAINED from pouring over that stupid book. A glass of pinot grigio and a piece of dark chocolate may have been consumed once I got home as well…

Tomorrow is a rest day from running…I see Bikram Yoga in my future! Have a great night!


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