Good eats!

Today was a scheduled cross-training day. I intended for it to be the rest day that I chose to forego earlier this week, but I was bored and found a deal for a 7 day trial pass at Bally’s Gym for FREE!

So I walked on the dreaddmill for 30 minutes at level 4 on the highest incline possible (Level 15). It actually felt great to get my legs moving after yesterday’s destruction, and my heart rate was at a steady 150! Not bad for a walk! Then I did 15 minutes on the bicycle, until my shins began to hurt, clearly unaware that I was in the middle of a chapter of a really great book. Rude. I listened to my body though (getting better at this…) and hopped off. I was a sweaty mess, and succesfully rid myself of boredom.

Now for the good eats, and why I enjoy being home.

Silly name, delicious wine

Silly name, delicious wine


And the blueberry pie I alluded to yesterday…baked by yours truly!
The recipe, which can be found here, is not for the faint of heart! But should you have four hours to dedicate to pie making, I highly reccomend it. It was one of the best I have ever had for sure.

My portion:

And lunchy today, mine was a delicious strawberry, homegrown tomato, mozzarella, cucumber and basil salid with oil + balsamic vinegar and a veggie/kashi cracker/hummus plate:

But my parent’s lunches were the true stars of the show!
Ciabatta with a drizzle of EVOO + Balsamic, homegrown tomatoes, fresh mozarella, and homegrown basil! That is amazing looking produce! Out of a 100% organic garden, strong work Pops!

That’s enough foodie love today, I suppose. Have a great night!


2 responses to “Good eats!

  1. Hey, I get some credit for helping bake the pie!!

  2. That is a big ass steak! I want some with some of that pie!

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