Raw Musings

Many of you are aware of the raw food movement, some of you have dabbled in it. While I will never be, nor do I want to be 100% raw…I do think there are a lot of benefits to a lot of the lifestyle. And it can be a lot of fun.

Nerd + kitchen toys + food in its purest form + boredom= Happy, experimental Lauren.

I will often incorporate a completely raw meal, usually in the form of a huge salad or a blended salad into my day. There is also my new, expensive addiction to veggie juices. Seriously, it’s not worse than the coffee addiction, but close. (Birthday is next week, cross your fingers for Breville’s new compact juicer!)

Today, I had some time on my hands and made not one, but two raw delights. When Gena titled her recipe for Banana Soft Serve “This post will change your life” She was NOT joking. I don’t take ice cream lightly, it is truly one of the great indulgences in life, and this comes close, if not equal to my favorite. Try it, now!

Also, I went to Sun Harvest to pick up some spinach and noticed that butternut squash was like .49 a pound, wowza! This recipe immediately came to mind, so I bought one. I don’t have a high speed blender, so I steamed the squash first. It’s true…it really was pumpkin pie in a bowl!

I did levels 1 and 2 of the 30 day Shred this morning, I was up early to take my parents to the airport, and what else do you do at 6:30 in the morning? My planned workout of the day was a cycling class at my “gym for the week”. It was…less than stellar. The instructor had great music and I liked her sequences, but there were like 8 people in a tiny room and she was screaming at us, the same thing over and over. It was not super encouraging. I got a great workout in though, and am hoping tomorrows pilates class will be better.

Tomorrow is just three miles, I know I am just anxious, but I am ready to start getting into some serious mileage! I forcing myself to take it slow though, and take care of my body.

I decided to take a picture of my green monster before blending, so you know that real food does go into these things. After my father todl me it looked like “a big glass of diahrrea” (**sorry, nothing but pure honesty in this house!**) I started to worry you all thought the same!
-light vanilla soymilk
-frozen banana
-amazing meal protein powder
-peanut buttahhhhh

And the ginormous summer salad, per usual:
That bowl is an original Fiestaware bowl from my great grandmother! How cool is that?! It may just be a San Antonio thing, I’m not sure, but Fiestaware is HUGE around here! This salad would have been completely raw, if not for the hummus. A cool thing about raw eating is you can experience the benefits, but not lose all efforts if you deviate.

Going “high raw” requires a lot of discipline, as there are a lot of guidelines on food combining, food acidity, etc., and also a lot of tools if you want some variety like a food processor, a juicer, a spiralizer, a dehydrator…all things I would LOVE but will have to wait for. So I will continue to dabble, and enjoy what the raw world has to offer!

Dinner tonight was thrown together as fast as possible, because I got home from cycling at 7:45 and was famished! So my much classier “egg white crepe” turned into a scramble, I had leftover pumpkin pie, and a piece of Ezekiel toast. Not gourmet, but it sure did the trick.

Wondering where the picture of the banana soft serve is? Umm ya, that was WAY too good to wait to photograph. Sorry!

Also, I realize this is a running blog, but until my runs start to get more interesting, I hope to entertain you with food. Enjoy.


5 responses to “Raw Musings

  1. Yay!!! So glad you’re enjoying some raw experimentation. I love your balanced attitude towards the process and can’t wait to hear more!

  2. The only raw I want you to be eating is sushi…or red meat if youre into that kind of thing

  3. I didn’t know you posted on RW! That’s awesome!

  4. Yay for green monsters! Love that combo of flavors…mmmm…:-)

  5. I’ll never get into the raw food thing, but I do eat raw veggies every day.

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