Workout Junkie + Food, Inc.!

Today’s RUNdown: 3.1mi, 18.50 min.
Did I knock back some espresso before this? Nope, wasn’t even trying to run fast! I mapped out this run last night, again this morning when I got back, and even drove it just to be triple sure I really ran 3 miles that fast, because that would definitely be a record. It’s true, and I couldn’t help but smile! I attribute the speed to;
-A smarter route than before (remember my hilly deathlongrun?)
-ChiRunning, I didn’t focus on it in my last run because I was just trying to get up the hills. This reaffirms I need to keep the principles that work for me in mind.
-Rested legs

Even if it was just a fluke, I like it!

Today I saw Food, Inc. I have SOOOOO much to say, but I think I am going to do a full review + interview with my Dad who works in the food industry to post. It will be cool to hear from someone who believes in organics but works in the industry. They are vacationing in Cali, so stay tuned for that one!

This evening I went to a Pilates class at my gym for the week. Work-out junkie? Totally. But only ’cause I’m bored! Anywho, it was a bit of a snoozer. I feel like we were only doing warm-up style moves and then the class was over. The teacher was really cool and informative, and I learned a lot, but I probably won’t go back. I like more of an insane, back breaking, covered in sweat, make ya wanna die workout…maybe this explains the Jillian Michaels obsession, haha.

Dinner was unexpected and delicious. I just raided my parents freezer/frig and ended up with a bowl of yum.
The contents:
-bed of mixed greens (HUGE box, demolished in three days)
-sauteed green bell pepper, onion, and mushrooms
-frozen artichoke hearts
-frozen green beans
-fresh grated parmesan
-lots of garlic powder, mediterranean sea salt (shh don’t tell my Dad, this stuff is like gold), pepper, and some crushed red pepper at the end for spice!
-the end of a bottle of Pinot Grigio that needed to be used up

I just sauteed the fresh veggies in EVOO, added the frozen veggies + wine, then the shrimpies for just a few minutes, they don’t take long! I envisioned using some Annie’s light honey mustard dressing, but the salad had so much going on it didn’t need it! THAT is the mark of a good salad!

Then I baked some muffins for my Nana, I am always looking for a reason to bake someone something! We are having lunch tomorrow and I know she will enjoy these instead of her usual store bought.

And obviously, I had to quality test:
…pass! 🙂 Cute napkins, huh? They’re from Ikea, what can I say, my mom is quite the napkinista

That’s all for now, 5 miles in the morning!


4 responses to “Workout Junkie + Food, Inc.!

  1. WOW! You smoked that 3.1 miles! you need to sign up for a race ASAP and kick some booty!!!!!

  2. That’s so sweet of you to make your Nana some muffins. Grandmas are the best!

    Congrats on the fast run! woo-hoo!

    I really enjoy your blog!


  3. Damn you were hauling!

    I think I need a recipe for those muffins…

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