¡Que calor!

Y’all, it is HOT outside. Like, break a sweat carrying your groceries to the car, hot, or look like you jumped in a swimming pool when you get back from your 7am run, hot. Both of which happened to me today, but let’s talk about the run.

Todays RUNdown: 5mi, 42min (Little under 8:30pace)
What’s up with my inconsistent pace? I think this is a better indicator of my true speed, but regardless, my paces seem to vary a lot! There are always a lot of variables though. Like today, later start, even hotter, unavoidable hills (grr), fast run yesterday, etc. So the verdict? Not worrying about it, and letting my legs do their thing. Life’s just wayyyy to short to get caught up in a slower mile time!

On the way to dinner at 6pm (read, hottest part of the day) I saw a girl running on the asphalt! No hat, no water bottle, nada. It is ONE HUNDRED AND TWO DEGREES. Either she is a 100% BA, or just not very smart. I’m leaning toward the latter.

Tomorrow is three miles, probably some shred (slacking on the strength training, no suprise there) then haircut + lunch in Austin with the bestie! Come back tomorrow for a much more interesting post and pictures!

Completely random side note (that you should skip if you don’t have a tolerance for babbling!): I’m watching the newest episode of Throwdown with Bobby Flay. He is doing fish tacos, and the more and more I watch him, the more I realize he kinda does the same thing over and over again! Don’t get me wrong, he’s great at what he does, there’s just not a lot of variation. Grill + chile/pepper made into a sauce + meat = Bobby Flay. But what REALLY gets me is Meghann’s post today about attractive Food Network Stars. Bobby Flay? REALLY? I wouldn’t watch him for years because I thought he resembled an alien. True story. To each their own I suppose…


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