I almost forgot!

I almost forgot possibly the best part of my day! Look what my sweet best friend got me for my 21st bday!
Wine rack + 4 bottles of wine! Do I REALLY have to wait until Tuesday to drink these!? And how appropriate, one of the labels is “Foodies” Thanks Jennifer, love you!!!!!!

And dessert was consumed shortly after posting…
Can’t get enough of those cherries! I eat a late night snack/dessert every single night. I hate going to bed hungry! It’s usually a small bowl of cereal, yogurt, toast, fruit, etc. The only time it doesn’t hapen is if I’m absolutely stuffed beyond belief, which I try to avoid!

Matt requested the recipe for those DELICIOUS muffins, and I actually go it from Jenna, yayyy bloggie love! Haha. Recipe post found here! Enjoy!


One response to “I almost forgot!

  1. oooh those muffins look amazing!!! i also need a snack before going to bed. sometimes i’ll have oatmeal since i can never get enough of that, haha. i added you to my blogroll so i can follow along!

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