I like (Jona)goollllllddddddddd!

First thing’s first…
In less than 24 hours you will be doneskiessssssss, YAY! You’ll do great 🙂

Today’s RUNdown: Ummm, snooze button anyone?
The alarm went off at 6:00 this morning and just wasn’t feeling it. Usually I wake up wayyy before my alarm just itching to run, so when I don’t, I know my body needs rest. And I always tell myself that if I feel like it later, I will. I slept for a while more, had a good quiet time, and then got some greens and coffee to start my morning off right! Then it was off to Austin!

Spent a funfunfun day with this chica:

Don't be tricked, this picture was actually taken in Lubbock!

Don't be tricked, this picture was actually taken in Lubbock!

Coffee on town lake (must run here soon!), haircut (wayyy overdue) and lunch!

We ate at Blue Dahlia Bistro I’ll let the pictures speak for themselves…

Shrimp & Avocado Tartine with toasted Nori!

Shrimp & Avocado Tartine with toasted Nori!

Since Jennifer and I are basically the same person culinary-wise, we both couldn’t decide between these dishes, so we got both and went halfsies, perfect!

By the time I got home, I was starving (naturally). And boy oh boy have you ever seen a prettier apple?!
(It’s a Jonagold, FYI…hence the Austin Powers reference in the title)
Grind it yourself nut butters are 3$ more per pound at Whole Foods than at my local grocery store in Lubbock! OUCH!

Then, per recommendation of my sister, I did Jillian Michaels “No More Trouble Zones” on Exercise OnDemand. It made 30 Day Shred look like a walk in the park! Everything hurts right now, everything. And that, my friends, is the mark of a good workout. I’m now considering buying this DVD, because being able to workout at home at my convenience with someone telling me what to do makes me much more disciplined with my strength training. Like I’ve said before, I think I’m moving beyond 30 Day Shred and will inevitably get bored soon. Maybe I’ll just steal Jacob’s P90X…(kidding boo!)

I think I’ve covered all my bases? This post has been massive, and hopefully not too boring. See y’all later with those three miles, haha!


One response to “I like (Jona)goollllllddddddddd!

  1. You better get those 3 miles in!

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