Better late than never!

I’m in a rut! Not a running rut…a Green Monster rut!
Everyday, the same…
-1 frozen naner
-milk (soy/almond/hemp)
-nut butter
-protein powder
-greens (romaine, spinach, kale)

I need to branch out, but it is SOOOOOO GOOD! And keeps me full for hours.

Today’s RUNdown: 3mi as scheduled (err, for yesterday)! 21:00.
Nothing too exciting here. It felt good to loosen my legs up from yesterdays weights!

Saturday’s are my long run day, but it is already (!) the third week of training, so it is a lower mileage run, 6miles. I really want to go to a trail somewhere, but I have a knack for getting lost and don’t think it’s such a hot idea to go by myself. *sigh* I’ll probably just run close to home and finish with some weights a la Jillian again!

In a box?! If you’ve been reading for any time now, you should know of my commitment to whole, real foods. I try to stay as far away from packaged processed foods as I can. My mom bought these for my niece, a cute little organic New York baby, and wanted me (haha) to eat them up. No probbbb. I got some mac n’ cheese to re-create quite the childhood dinner! I threw green beans into the macaroni, NOTE TO MOMS: Cover anything in cheese and children will eat it!
The verdict: These were GOOD! They really tasted like chicken nuggets! Would I buy them on my own? Probably not, even being soy and organic the ingredient list was still as long as my arm, but they were delicious and a definite upgrade from my childhood chicken nugget. And as always, ANYTHING Annie’s is divine. This is my favorite flavor of her mac n’ cheese yet!



One response to “Better late than never!

  1. I love Annie’s mac and cheese! Not sure about those soy nuggets though…

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