Pizza, pizzaaa!

So, remember when I said I have a knack for getting lost?! I wasn’t kidding…I take measures to prevent this, even in a neighborhood I grew up in!
Who needs a fancy i-phone with a running app?! Not me!

Also, remember how I casually said I would get some weights in after my long run? Ya, NO THANKS. San Antonio hills + humidity zapped any desire to see Jillian’s smiling face this morning.
Today’s RUNdown: 6mi. 52min, a little over 81/2 minute pace.
Not bad, still a bit fast for my goal pace. I could also tell that I ran too fast + did too much this week. I need to be more diligent about rest and easy days.

So did I break my Green Monster rut? Not really, but I got my anti-oxidants via delicious blueberry muffins instead of a handful in my smoothie…

And this is what I like to call sweet, sweet redemption:
I had to make up for My First Flop and my parents returning from their Cali vacation was the perrrrfect occasion.

I also cooked them dinner:
Best.Pizza.Ever. seriously! Homemade dough (my favorite…recipe found here), homemade basil pesto, chicken, sauteed mushrooms and onions, sun dried tomatoes and goat cheese! Sprinkled lightly with fresh grated parmesan to give that golden brown color! The flavors here are unbelievable, this is hands down my favorite pizza, and my parents loved it too! (Plus I got them to eat something whole wheat, 1 point for Lauren!)

That’s all for now! Happy Saturday!


2 responses to “Pizza, pizzaaa!

  1. Nice run and epic looking pizza!

  2. wow look at that pizza!!! love the combo and great job with the crust- impressive!!! nice run too 🙂 what training schedule are you using and when’s your next race??

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