Get Smart Sunday!

Happy Sunday, friends! By nature, I love to learn! I spend way too much a lot of time reading articles. Not all nutrition/exercise related, I’m also a news junkie. Throughout the week, I acquire quite a bit of great knowledge, and I’m starting to feel guilty keeping it all to myself over here! So, I’m introducing…Get Smart Sunday. Each week I’m going to post some good articles for y’all to check out, hope ya like ’em!
1.5 Organic Foods Every Woman Should Eat from WebMD. Check, Check, Check, Check and Check!
2.The Secret To Living Longer and Staying Healthy?This is one of the many articles written this week about the study that came out about calorie restriction. I am NOT recommending this, especially for runners or anyone that exercises regulary, I just think it is interesting and it got a lot of attention.

That’s all for this week!

Today was a cross training day on my training plan. XT: No More Trouble Zones Jillian Michaels workout, SO hard, SO good. And mowing our yard (twice) & the neighbors yard. Strength + cardio, nice.

I am heading back to school tomorrow, so my parents & I celebrated my birthday tonight! We ate at the Brasserie Pavil. The service was terrible, but the food made up for it, and then some!
(My pops was dying as we took pictures, so I only snagged two)
My mom claims this is the best salad she’s ever eaten! And it was GOOD. There was pancetta, bleu cheese, red onions, tomatoes, and a divine lemon basil dressing and the winner…garlic granola. Yum!

Not pictured was some good, real, hearty french bread + a spicy sausage appetizer. The water was served sans ice, and I really felt like I was back in Paris…if only.

For my entree, I had Salmon Grille Puttanesca! Served in a tomato sauce with sweet peppers, olives, capers and onions, on a bed of spinach surrounded by porcini ravioli. Yall, those raviolis were the best things to pass my lips in a long time(I have a slight obsession with mushrooms)! The salmon was a little more done than I prefer, but absolutely delicious still!

Thanks Mom & Dad 🙂

Hope everyone had a wonderful weekend!


5 responses to “Get Smart Sunday!

  1. when’s your bday??? happy bday! you’re back to school already?! oh my!!! sounds like a pretty kick-butt dinner and i love going out with my parents 🙂 i miss seeing them all the time. thanks for the articles!

  2. That looks delicious. Happy belated birthday! I think, unless the bottle of wine was an early gift 🙂

  3. Happy belated birthday. What are mom and dad getting you?

  4. Looks delicious. Happy BD 2 you.

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