Carb-loading, Thai style!

Before I forget! I have had these beauties for almost a week now and have forgotten to share them with you guys, how rude! (Full House, anyone?!)

Mizuno Alchemy!

Mizuno Alchemy!

I know that Asic Gels work for me. I had been running in Mizunos, but there life was quickly coming to an end. I didn’t just love them anyway, so I was okay with it. I almost bought the newest Asics, but decided to give Mizuno a shot. So glad I did! So far they are just as comfy as my beloved Asics, but lighter and less bulky.

Todays RUNdown: Easy 3miles. Stress easy. My legs were incredibly sore from yesterdays weight session. Given my long run tomorrow, I wanted to work out the soreness while keeping my legs fresh for tomorrow. Done and done!

I hit the gym later this afternoon for more weights. I am doing the workouts from the Jillian Michaels book Making the Cut. The premise of the book is for already in shape people (there is a fitness test at the beginning) looking to get toned, or in Jillians words “ripped’. It’s intense.
making the cut
Probably half of this book focuses on nutrition, which I read but am choosing not to follow, for several reasons. I already eat really cleanly, and know what works for me. I am not trying to shed those last few pounds, quite the opposite, actually! She incorporates many “diet” tricks into her recipes (ex: Splenda in place of sugar) that aren’t natural. This would be awesome for someone beginning to clean up their diet, but it’s not for me.

The workouts consist of circuits, and are challenging and fun. Think 30 Day Shred on ‘roids.

For dinner I had possibly one of the best meals I have ever made!
I followed this Heidi Swanson recipefor Almond Soba Noodles almost to a T! I couldn’t find pea shoots, so I subbed in broccoli. I also added sugar snap peas and mushrooms, because as I’ve said before, I have a slight obsession with mushrooms. I halved the recipe, which should have served two. I ate it all, it was that good. Carbs before long run? Check!

Lately I have only been listening to music on my longer runs. Tomorrow is a scheduled 10 miles (double digits!) so I re-vamped my playlist, here’s what I’ll be jammin’ to (WARNING: extremely random tunes ahead!)
-Hurt x Ten Ton Brick
-Blessed Be Your Name x Chris Tomlin
-No Games x Breaking Benjamin
-Use Someboday x Kings of Leon
-Careless Whisper x Seether
-Dirty Deeds Done Dirt Cheap x ACDC
-Today Is the Day x Lincoln Brewster
-Wasted Time x Fuel
-Indestructible x Disturbed
-What It’s Like x Everlast
-I Am Free x Newsboys
-Not Meant To Be x Theory of a Deadman
-Boom Boom Pow x Black Eyed Peas
-Even Flow x Pearl Jam
-Sooner or Later x Breaking Benjamin
-By the Way x Theory of a Deadman
-Unbreakable x Fireflight
-Amazing x Kanye West

Maybe the only playlist in existence with Kanye, Newsboys, Disturbed and Black Eyed Peas, but it gets me goin! This is only 1:20, so I need to add some more, I’ll probably go with a few oldies but goodies!



2 responses to “Carb-loading, Thai style!

  1. Yay for 10 miles! I’ll be running 20 on Sunday!

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