Before I get to the good stuff, I have to share this (running related) story that has been haunting me for days! I run different variations of the same route almost daily, all of which include a road that goes between our University’s baseball and football stadiums. Apparently in one of the trees is a mother bird protecting her babies, who does not appreciate me running by! For the past week or so, she will attack me (literally) from behind! I have been hit by her 3 times every day that I have run by. Tried changing sides of the road, got swooped at. Tried running in the middle of the road, still swooped. Tried looking backwards as I passed the tree and running away from the stupid bird…STILL SWOOPED! So…I’m changing running routes.

I don’t concede fights easily, but Mama Bird, you win.

Anywho…I had a killer weight session thanks to JM this morning and did sprints since the first time since…softball? Gross. Post weight lift re-fuel:
Soy Latteeee! + an unpictured apple, this was really just to tide me over until lunch
Today’s RUNdown: 4mi., 32:30, Swooped 3 times.
I re-kindled my dislike for running in the afternoon, it’s HOT! Which of course required a smoothie to cool down, in my second favorite way to eat a smoothie…
IN A BOWL! This way you get granola, and a spoonful of peanut butter in every bite :]

Hungry two hours later? Of course. Protein filled but light snacky that wouldn’t ruin my dinner:
FACT: Nothing rhymes with edamame. (It’s true, we googled it)

Dinner was a winner!
Maple Glazed Salmon over brown rice + Roasted Zucchini and Squash! Mmmmmm!


4 responses to “Swooped.

  1. oh no!!!!! swooped!! that is scary. i have never heard of that happening you are super unlucky!!!!! hopefully those babies grow up fast. nice job lifting + sprinting!!! i also havent’ done sprints since bball… we had to do suicides for our fitness tests… maybe i should bust some out to see where i’m at! 🙂

  2. So funny about the bird. I’ve heard of that happening to other runners, but luckily never me!

  3. Lol on the bird! Try taking a detour!

  4. omgosh that would FREAK me out if a bird was swoopin on me!!

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