Still Kickin!

WOW. Has it really almost been a week since I last posted?! Sorry, friends! I worked 4 back to back shifts at the restaurant over the weekend, and drove three hours to get my (new!) car from my parents! But no worries, I have been running a lot in between! I won’t bore you with all the details, but here is a quick RUNdown:

Saturday: Long Run! 10 miles with my friend Kate. We have known each other since middle school and she decided to do Team In Training also and is going to run RNRSA! She recently transferred to my University and I always ran into her at the gym during the school year in the earlyyy morning. So, requirement #1 of a good running buddy; morning person, check! Same pace? Check! Not liking to talk a lot during runs…check! Okay, let’s go run! We did a speedy ten miles, and finished 1:16. That’s under a 8:00min/mile. This was a hard run, but we pushed each other and were happy with our times!
Sunday: REST DAY. And it was glorious, minus the 6 hour shift, but whatever…I got a solid nap in at least!
Monday: .5mi warm-up on the tredmill and circuit strength training
Tuesday: 4mi, I can’t remember my time, but it was fast. In the first mile I saw some ROTC guys running my same route, and knowing they had to run at least a 7:00min/mile I decided I had to pass them. Poor choice, because as soon as I did they decided they were having none of that and sprinted past me. Well, now it was on…I kicked it in to high gear and ran as fast as I could past them to the University track, where their route ended. So my first mile and a half were insane, and the remaining two and a half were sub-8:00 huffin and puffin miles. Later that afternoon I did the hardest circuit training yet. Think quivering quads and shaking shoulders.
Wednesday: 6mi, 50:00. Meh, this run started out really fun because I ran the first two miles on the cross country route with Jacob and our friend Cameron. I left them after the 2 with intentions of doing 5 more. Unfortunately, we started later than I usually do and it was incredibly hot. This is also the hilliest route in town, and the lactic acid in my legs from the weights was almost unbearable. My training schedule only called for 6 miles today anyway, so I made myself run strong through 6 and called it a day.

That’s a lot of running, let’s get to the fun stuff!
Bison Burgers, roasted zucc + squash, pickleeee! This was my post long-run lunch, protein, carbs, fat, yes please!

Remember my Pasta puttanesca from my birthday? I adapted two recipes to come up with my own adaptation in about 15 minutes (Someone was starving…and for once it wasn’t me!) I used an Ellie Krieger recipe as my base, and a Mario Batali recipe to, um, make it taste good…and it came out a winner! Most puttanesca recipes call for anchovy paste, but since I served it with salmon I forewent the paste.
This is one small cup of sweet, sweet victory. Jacob and I bet on who would win The Next Food Network Star. If Jeffrey won, I would have to buy him Sheridans (the best ice cream that will ever touch your lips) and if Melissa won, he had to buy me fro-yo. WINNERRRRRRR! This is a small cup of cappucino/vanilla with oreo crumbles. I wish we had a REAL fro-yo place here, you know, the not sugar laden kind…the kind that actually tastes like yogurt.

And my latest green monster!
-1/2 frozen naner
-1/2c frozen blueb’s
-1c soymilk
-1 handful popeye power (spinach doyyy)
-1T peanut buttahhh
-1T COCOA POWDER (hollaaa! Chocolate smoothie?! Yes please!)
-1 packet Stevia, cocoa powder is bitter, stevia is sickly sweet, mix em together = yumyum!
-1/4c rolled oats … thicker smoothie + better recovery

Clearly the coffee has kicked in. Time to pack up my apartment, I move in t-minus 5 days!!! ‘Til next time!


5 responses to “Still Kickin!

  1. Winner winner, fro-yo dinner

  2. WOW that’s a lot of running!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! that is AWESOME you have a friend you can run 10 miles fast with! ooooh i can’t wait to move, too! sept 1!!

  3. Good runs!

  4. You go girl! I’m going to try to be on the marathon course at about 20 miles. I want to help you and a couple of others running for me get those last 6.2 miles out. I remember that that’s when I began to lose steam. The dishes you make look so good!

  5. I rooted for Melissa too!

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