Two breakfasts = 1 good day!

TGIF, friends! Usually the weekends for me mean workworkwork, but I have tomorrow off to go see Bob Dylan, Willie Nelson, and John Mellencamp in concert!!! There aren’t words really to express how STINKING excited I am!!

No run this morning because of my long run tomorrow, but I did lift some weights. My apartment gym doesn’t open until 8:15, and since I naturally wake up around 7 at the latest, I knew I would need to split breakfast in two, as I go into work at 10:30.

Breakfast #1:
Breakfast Cookie!!! I used to eat these before my long runs last spring when I had a short class at 8 and would go after that…they are light enough that they don’t rumble in your belly, but substantial enough to get you through a work out!
The mix:
1/4c rolled oats
1T soymilk
1/2 smashed ‘naner
1/2 packet Jay Robb protein powder (vanilla)
1T peanut butter

smoosh smoosh smoosh, put in ‘fridge overnight and voila!

I did a 40 minute Jillian circuit in the gym, my arms and legs always feel like jelly at the end! I came home jumped in the shower and rushed to get ready and then sat down to breakfast #2 and the blog…
Obviously, a protein shake! The vanilla jay robb protein is SO good, but I can only handle about half of a serving at once, because it is SWEET!

Work time, see y’all later this weekend with my long run re-cap! Have a good one!


One response to “Two breakfasts = 1 good day!

  1. mmm!!! good luck with your long run!

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