Off pace, again

Looks like I left off before my long run…scheduled 10miles!
Saturday’s RUNdown: 10mi, 85:00, 8:30min/mile
Again, WAY faster than I should be running my long runs, I’m still “trying” not to worry about it, and just let my body work itself out, but given my Type A OCD personality…I do. I ran the first seven miles by myself, and Jacob joined me for the last three. I really thought we were booking it those last three, turns out they were 9 minute miles…awesome. This also means those first 7 were faster than my total average…meh.

I also got chased my two terriers for a solid block. My heart rate hit 216 and I was yelling and kicking like a crazy person…it was scary! What’s up with animals having it out for me these days?!

Pre long run dinner was a winner (winner winner chicken dinnerrrrr!)
Chicken Coq Au Vin with garlic mashed potatoes, of coursed themed appropriately for our Saturday plans of seeing Julie&Julia!

Saturday was a GREAT day…Long run, farmers market, Julie & Julia (loved it! naturally) AND Fuel after my run was to-go style on the way to the Farmer’s Market
Green Monsters, duh!

Sunday was a rest day, though I hardly rested. I worked (read…walkwalkwalk in cobblestone in heels) and packed/moved. Today I lugged boxes around for 3+ hours and did a Strength Training Circuit for 45 minutes.

4 miles scheduled tomorrow! All it takes is two days of no running and I am itching to go…I almost did today just for the heck of it, but I have had a crazy busy/active past three days and need to honor my body! See y’all tomorrow. Hoping to get into a regular posting schedule, but that’s hard to do when you have no regular life schedule! Til next time!


3 responses to “Off pace, again

  1. Takes me two hours to be itching for a run. You are lucky to make it two days!

  2. Dude. I WISH I had the problem that I was running too fast. You are killin’ me, smalls! Awesome job though. Keep it up.

  3. I’m reading Julie and Julia! I have to finish before I can see the movie.

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