I know every run can’t be perfect, and this one certainly wasn’t. After such a great long run Saturday, I had high hopes for this recovery four miler. But everything felt off.
Today’s RUNdown: 4mi, 30:50
Again, I felt like I was really booking it but was just running my average pace. My pace wasn’t bad…it was more how I was feeling…tired, heavy legs, EMPTY stomach (the main culprit). This afternoon I started to lift weights and felt the same way, so I stopped. Who am I?

Here’s to hoping tomorrows 7 will be better! I definitely had some good fuel, so that + the power of positive thinking makes me think it will be stellar. I think it can all be mental sometimes!


Weeknight staple, chicken stir-fry with brown rice! If this isn’t a classic runners meal, I don’t know what is.


One response to “Meh

  1. positive thinking can do wonders! great attitude!

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