Much better!

I set out this morning (6:50a.m.) for my scheduled 7 miles. I had a new route planned, PB Toast in my belly, well rested legs and was ready for a good run! And a good run I had!
Today’s RUNdown: 5.8mi, 47:00min., about an 8:10 pace

So about those 7 miles…I use to map out my runs, and had planned a little over a 7 mile route (I like to end my runs with a few minutes of walking, followed by stretching). I ran at a pace that felt good, and enjoyed the beautiful morning. I knew I had a solid pace, but there was definitely something off when I finished in 47 minutes, that would have been a 7 minute mile! After yesterdays run, I knew this wasn’t true.

I still felt great, so I came home, showered and ate (Green Monster, no doubt!) I re-mapped the run. Still said 7 miles, so when I left to run errands I clocked it, and my route rang in at a solid 5.8 miles. Slightly annoying, but it was a good run, so I’m not worrying about it. I want to meet my mileage for the week, so maybe I’ll get a short run in on Friday or something…no biggie!

Posting early because I close at work tonight, bleh! Hasta manana bloggies!


2 responses to “Much better!

  1. Garmin is good but $$ – I have the nike run wristband..its good and they just put a new one out. Cheap enough and loads your run to the Nike site, and then allows you to share your run stats with your blog.

    On the nike site you can also challenge other runners from all over the world, and set up challenges for yourself too..not a salesman here but have enjoyed using mine.

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