I should probably just give up the notion that I will EVER be able to post daily, as I’ve got a sweet bi-weekly average going now. Quality, not quantity, right?! How do some of you bloggers do it multiple times a day…

FIRST, the running!
Saturday’s 12 miles were great. Average 9:00min/mile, it got really hot toward the end, but luckily my boy ran the last 5 miles (with a bum knee!) with me, so I had motivation to finish strong. I decided I am definitely to the point, if not past it, that I need to start carrying water/gels with me on my long runs. I could have used a boost after about an hour.

Sunday was an oh-so-glorious rest day.

Monday was a quick but tough weight session. My new apartment has a 24 hour workout facility, score! I had the place to myself at 6:30a.m.

Today I had to lift & run back to back. Usually I like to split these up, but I start job #2 this afternoon and work at the restaurant tonight so this morning was my only chance. I lifted first, knowing I could push myself through a run, but being tired during weights is awful. I’m glad I did! I had a nice 45 minute sesh in the gym then a breezy 4 mile run around campus.

As expected, Saturday was somewhat brutal with the long run + moving + work, but I made it! (Duh) and ate…A LOT. Saturdays are typically “treat” days, if you will. And dinner consisted of a greasy hamburger from a local place (those are the best…Buns Over Texas, anyone?!) and then straight to Coldstone for my weekly ice cream fix. Birthday Cake Reee-mixxxxx! No pictures, because I was obviously famished and way to preoccupied with stuffing my face to be bothered with photography. At least I’m honest šŸ˜‰ I did reward Jacob with Quaker Oatmeal Pancakes after our run (that’s a lie, I just really wanted some)
+ a protein shake for me!

NEW PRODUCT ALERT! You all know how much I love my Amazing Grass and My boy Jay but if you have checked these guys out, you also know how $$$$ they are! A while ago I had Lean Dessert Whey recommended to me, because of its good carb/protein/fat ratio for runners, and its delicious taste. I spotted it at the store the other day, and decided to give it a go.


It is not 100% natural, but pretty darn close. And while I would definitely prefer some AmazingGrass or SexyJay, my wallet sure prefers this. And my taste buds…HOLY YUM. They aren’t kidding when they call it Dessert!

Another winner…
Super-charge-me cookies!
I’m kind of on the fence when it comes to healthifying (is that a word?) treats. I believe in all things in moderation, including dessert (helloooooo ice cream!). With that said, I have had my eye on these for a while, and figured to give them a go, I’m dating the cookie monster himself, so there was no question of anything remotely resembling a cookie going to waste, so why not?

…freaking delicious. My only regret is that they call for half a cup of maple syrup ($$$)and both Jacob & I destroyed them in less than 48 hours. I’m salivating just thinking about them…and it’s 8:30a.m.!

One more thing…
This Time article is creating a lot of discussion. I think it is ridiculous. I could rant for hours about it, but I will just comment on a few points.
1. Cloud spends a lot of time talking about how humans weren’t meant to over expend their energy, and stress our bodies at the gym. He cites this as making us overly hungry, which causes us to overcompensate on calories, which makes us fat. What he forgets is that if humans weren’t meant to over expend, we certainly weren’t meant to consume the sugar laden Starbucks muffins or greasy french fries he talks about. This isn’t a problem created by exercise, it’s a problem created by society.
“What’s going on here? Church calls it compensation, but you and I might know it as the lip-licking anticipation of perfectly salted, golden-brown French fries after a hard trip to the gym. Whether because exercise made them hungry or because they wanted to reward themselves (or both), most of the women who exercised ate more than they did before they started the experiment”
YES I am hungrier when I exercise, but by eating whole, real, foods, my hunger is satiated more quickly and I can consume volumes without seeing as much as a centimeter on my waistline. Though it is a more extreme lifestyle than I subscribe to, Brendan Brazier a Vegan triathlete in stellar health and shape, has great information and research on this theory.
2. I think Cloud is circling around the right idea in this article, but missing it. Of course exercise won’t make you thin, but this is no reason not to exercise. I have been athletic since the age of 8, but it wasn’t until I started eating holisticly that I saw real improvement and change in my body.
3. It’s not one or the other. Eat well, exercise right, you will see change. I hate it that hundreds of Americans looking for a way out of exercise will read this and give up, because if it hasn’t worked for this guy, it certainly won’t work for them. Yes, Cloud, the cavemen didn’t spend hours on a StairMaster, but they also didn’t spend hours in McDonalds and Pizza Hut. DUH.

Ending my rant…I hate to end on a negative note but this is a LONG post! ‘Til next time!


2 responses to “Highlights!

  1. Those pancakes got nothin on mine!

  2. i do have to comment about the article because I do get what he is saying. Losing weight is not just about exercising which is what us lazy Americans believe. It is about eating well, sleeping well, having your hormones in balance AND exercising. Exercising alone won’t make you thin unless you are eating well and not “rewarding” yourself with food. On the other hand, as someone who has never been overweight, has always exercised regularly, but now has a baby and is on medication, losing weight/being in shape has been HARD. Lauren, you are young and have always had a good metabolism. You’ve always been thin–not the case with everyone. You also have a lifestyle and resources that supports being really healthy. As life changes maintaining that can be difficult which is the boat most other people are in that are in their later 20s, 30s, 40s.

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