Quarrelsome Quads

Tomorrow will be my last official day of doing Jillian Michael’s Making The Cut workouts. As RIDICULOUSLY HARD as it has been, I am a little disappointed that it’s over! I think I will probably go through the books again, but up my weights and be more lenient with off days. With school starting in three days and two jobs, I for sure won’t have time to workout twice a day anymore.

Speaking of two jobs (job #1 is at a fancy italian/american restaurant) I LOVE MY NEW JOB! No suprise, my job responsibilities consist of signing people up for fitness classes, special events (triathlons, road races, etc.), doing physical assesments like blood pressure, flexibility, BMI, body fat %, giving people that come in to the campus rec center advice on working out/nutrition, plus SO MUCH MORE! Um hello perfect job description for me! Training for body fat composition tests left me with bruises on the pinch spots because I was elected training dummy 😦 still tons o’ fun though!

My past few runs have been somewhat troublesome, but nothing serious. I did hills for my shorter run on Thursday, and my quadriceps had a lot to say about that. I attribute their discontent to my strength training, they were just asking for a break, I think! So I gave myself a true rest day on Friday. As bad as it is, this rarely happens. I know the risks of overexercising, but my energy levels are so much higher when I do exercise, that I often feel lethargic on rest days. On the other hand, if I took them more often maybe I would feel revitalized more easily. Catch 22 I suppose, but I DO need to be better about resting. Anywho…

Saturday’s RUNdown: 10 miles, about 90 minutes.
I did this run in Midland, Texas. Never heard of it? Consider yourself lucky (sorry Dad!) This is easily one of the ugliest, most boring towns in West Texas…which makes running it a bear. I reminded myself that I was so unbelievably lucky to have the ability to run, and tried to make the best of it. The roads I planned out on mapmyrun.com didn’t go through, so I ran the route I ran right before I took the LSAT (YUCK) and my scheduled 12 turned into 10.

I know, I know, get a Garmin, right?! Ya…next time I have 300 bones laying around I’ll get right on that! Not bitter…just INSANELY jealous. Haha.

Today turned into an unintended rest day. But after early coffee with a friend, church, getting a tire fixed, and work, I didn’t feel like it. I’m really active at work, so I’ll call it an active rest day. That works.

Now the good stuff!
I don’t think a day has gone by this summer that I didn’t eat an apple. No lie.
Salad bar at the grocery store. It’s no Whole Foods, but still delicious! Definitely me and Jacob’s most regular lunch spot.
My weekend luggage, with a bag of food. Totally normal, right?! Maybe not, but I’ve learned from experience. Pack snacks! Especially when you have a 12 miler planned. Unfortunately, I drank that Myoplex warm (long story) so I can’t give an honest review, because I just choked it down to get some calories in.
Lauren’s Chicken Picatta: (serves 2)
-2 boneless, skinless chicken breasts
-WW Flour
-Salt & Pepper
-8oz sliced mushrooms
-capers, to taste (Jacob & I are obsessed, so we use a lot)
-Juice of 1 lemon
-8oz dry white wine (I used Pinot Grigio)
-2 cloves minced garlic
-1T butter, divided in half

Heat 1T or so of EVOO in a pan over medium heat, saute shrooms until almost fully cooked, set aside, but keep pan on heat.

Pound out chicken breasts to about 1/4 inch. You want them thin enough that they will cook quickly. In a plastic bag, toss chicken in 1/4c. flour, salt, and pepper. When oil is hot (add more if needed) but not quite smoking, place chicky’s in pan, and brown. Mas o menos 3min per side. Set aside.

Add lemon juice, vino, capers, and shrooms back to pan. Scrape the bottom to get all the goodness off, and add 1/2 T of buttahhhh. When simmering, return chicken to pan and allow to cook for 5-10 minutes. We used big pieces of chicken, which obvi required a little more cooking time. This recipe is great b/c of all the liquid…it would be hard to dry your chicky’s out.

Remove chicky’s from pan, add remaining 1/2T of butter, and de-glaze the pan again. Once your sauce tightens, drizzle over chicken to serve. You may need to add more wine! Now devour and revel in the deliciousness.

This is an adaptation of Giada’s + my Dad’s chicken picatta, the perfect combo I think! Served with a side of roasted veggies and this beauty:
Jacob requested this, imagine that! Mixed greens, cherry tomatoes, chopped walnuts, dried cranberries, red onion, goat cheese and light italian dressing. I was later informed I forgot the strawberries…my bad! Still delicious.

This week promises to be busy, but I will try to post (and comment!) as often as possible. I am trying to be on the internet less and in my Bible or spending true quality time with people more, so bear with me as I try to find a balance!


7 responses to “Quarrelsome Quads

  1. Midland does suck. I used to play tennis and I would have tournaments all over the state like in Amarillo, San Angelo (YUCK), Midland, Lubbock, ect… It was actually kind of fun to travel around though. It was just me and my dad usually so we always had a great time.

  2. Your new job sounds great! Also, I hated that stupid Times article you talked about in your last post. Ridiculous.

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  4. funny that you talk about getting your bmi done and use the term “tons o’ fun” in the same sentence

  5. you can find garmins in the low 100s 🙂 better than 300+!

  6. heh i’m totally 100% northeast but i believe i know where midland is if it is, in fact, part of the setting of friday night lights (the movie)

  7. lets see some update-age

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