Downwind of the donut shop

Hey guys! Thanks for sticking with me in my absence…life just gets crazy sometimes! But this weekend I get to slowwwww down and take a few breathers, YA for holidays…and college football!!!!

My running has been so amazing lately. For quite a while I felt like I was on a plateau…at the base of a mountain. Weekly runs were easy, long runs were hard, and while I finished them…it was always just barely, and when I looked ahead my training plan loomed and I knew I had a LONG way to go. Throw in a few running disasters (hello Midland) and I was questioning my sanity in proceeding. But the last two weeks have given me a huge boost of confidence!

12 miles last week and 14 this morning. They were hard, don’t get me wrong, but I finished both feeling GOOD and STRONG, and like I might…just might, be able to run them x2, and cross the finish line in November.

A few things I attribute to this:
-Taking Fridays (the day before my long run) as a complete rest day and getting A LOT of sleep Thursday nights. Not running means I can sleep in, and my body is thanking me.
-Slowing down. Not too much, but I ran this mornings 14 at a solid 9:00min pace, the slowest yet.
-Being flexible with my schedule. A few times my runs haven’t worked on the days scheduled, normally I would break my back fitting them in…but lately I’ve just been letting it go and switching things around. Sure, it’s not ideal…but I’m not trying to WIN the marathon here, just finish it! (and maybe BQ? A girl can dream right?) So as long as I’m hitting my weekly mileage, I’m not stressing. Running is fun, sometimes that’s easy to lose sight of!

Curious about the title? It was windy in Lubbock this morning, shocker, and my 3rd and 11th miles had me running straight at a donut shop and into the wind. What kind of a sick joke is that! Haha.

I mixed some Gatorade with my water today and also took a Mocha flavored ClifGel at mile 7. This helped so much, I felt a drastic improvement in my energy level on the second half of my run. I bought shot blocks and Luna Moons too, so I will be trying those out in the next few weeks! I will try to do a food post here soon, but don’t worry, I’ve been eating my way through this training for sure.

Sorry for the short post, but it is GAME DAY Y’ALL! GO RAIDERS!


2 responses to “Downwind of the donut shop

  1. Glad to have you back!

  2. Don’t worry about slowing down for your long runs. Since your goal is to finish, make that the goal for your long runs too!

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