El hambre

There are two things that have definitely increased during this training
1. the amount of sleep I require (think 1-2 hour naps + 8 hours of sleep a night when possible)
2. the amount of food I have been eating

Saturday remains ice cream night:
Gotta Love It? YES PLEASE! That would be a birthday cake remix add cookie dough. Ice cream actually kills my stomach, and I paid for it that night and the next day, but it’s just too good to turn down. I usually opt for fro-yo when possible, but nothing beats the real stuff!
My take on the McGriddle…Ezekiel english muffin with an egg white and drizzle of maple syrup.
Whole Wheat Banana Bread!
Breakfast of Champions! Coffee + GM (the standard mix, frozen naner, protein powder, spinach, ice, soymilk)
Pre-run energy booster…1 medjool date with almond butter!
Still chowin’ down on the grande ensaladasss!
An apple a day really does keep the doctor away. Or maybe a combination of things, but I’ll still have my daily Pink Lady, thank you!
Anyone see and drool over Mark Bittman’s article in the latest Runners World?! I have A WHOLE STINKING TON of respect for Mark Bittman, and also think he is hilarious! Usually when I see recipes in magazines and such I think “that looks good, I’ll make that sometime” and sometimes I do, often I don’t. There was no waiting for his Cassoulet with Lots of Vegetables. I used 1lb of chicken sausage for the meat, and it was delicous, of course.

This is only a glimpse, add about a pound of peanut butter, several boxes of cereal, packed sandwiches for lunch at school and carton after carton of yogurt…and you have a hungry girl training for a marathon! I am that kid that eats in every class, you know it.

7 miles in the morning! Adios amigos!


5 responses to “El hambre

  1. I bet your appetite has nothing on mine!

  2. i am eating ice cream almost every day!!!! it’s becoming ridiculous. and elliot is no help since he is a dessert fanatic so if i’m ever like “i kind of want ice cream… again” lol he is like LET’S GO! 🙂

  3. i wicked jelly that you’re getting that much sleep! during my last training cycle i was lucky to get 6 hours a night 😦

    but i’m that kid that eats in every class too. which i don’t think the ppl around me appreciate haha

  4. oh yes sleep and eat… i think besides running (well and working) that is all i do these days!

  5. I love Mark Bittman! I am so jealous of your sleep.

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