Pictureless Post

It’s been so long, sorry bloggies!

I have decided I like doing speed work on the GASP! Treadmill. Yup, I said like and treadmill in the same sentence. But since I live nowhere near a conventional track (and refuse to run 8 laps to equal 1 mile at my school’s track) and don’t have a Garmin or other GPS watch…it is the best way to make sure of my pace. It is also convenient because lately I have chosen sleep over early morning runs and it is still too hot to run outside after about 8:00.
I did 4 miles this morning
Mile 1- 8:30
Mile 2- 8:00
Mile 3-3.5- 7:30
Mile 3.5-4- 7:00
Mile 4-8:00

Glorious! Followed by a quickie weight sesh. I miss my Making the Cut workouts, and as usual, without a specific workout plan I have been SLACKING on the strength!

This weekend will be a new distance PR…17 miles! Eek! I’m excited and nervous all at the same time. I will be in Austin tomorrow and most of Friday for a conference, so I will thankfully be pretty distracted spending time with my best friends wining and dining.

I am thankful to be training for this marathon this semester, it seems like my life is going in a million different directions right now, but raising money for and training for this marathon is giving me a singular purpose and focus. Running is also the only me time I am getting lately, and I cherish it.

Be back this Saturday with a long run re-cap, Austin PICS, and A TEXAS TECH VS. UNIVERSITY OF TEXAS KICKOFF!!!!


5 responses to “Pictureless Post

  1. tm speedwork definitely helps with the pace. woot for the upcoming distance pr & glad that running is centering you this semester, definitely how i felt last spring!

  2. Treadmill = piece of crap πŸ˜‰

    You need a damn Garmin!

  3. I am definitely better at doing speedwork on the treadmill, in fact it’s one of my new goals!!

  4. you are right!!! if it does anything, training for a marathon takes incredible attention and consistency. it is nice to have the focus/purpose, but it is also demanding!!!! great run and the treadmill has its uses, for sure. for me it comes and goes πŸ™‚ good luck with the 17!!

  5. Enjoy Austin! It would have been fun to get together, especially since MSB went to UT and we could have had some rival football fun. πŸ˜‰

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