New Distance PR!

I did it! 17 miles at a solid 9 minute mile pace! My goal pace for the marathon is about 8:30, so this was good for me. The best part…I felt great. Not the whole time, those middle miles were rough, but I pushed through and ended up feeling like a rockstar.

Around mile 7 I popped two shot blocks:
clif shot blok

And then 2 more around mile 13. I have to walk while I chew these, because apparently I am incapable of chewing and swallowing while running. We all have our gifts, I suppose. For this reason, I think I prefer the gels, but the minute or so of walking was nice to look forward to!

I also mixed half Gatorade with half water in my NEW handheld waterbottle!!!

After an hour, I sipped this every fifteen minutes or so.

The combination of the sports drink and shot bloks kept my energy levels stable, and definitely kept me going for two and a half hours.

Recovery was obvi a HUGE Green Monster and about thirty minutes of this:

My tummy feels somewhat off :[ So I’m slowly eating sushi as I type this…

I know my hunger will hit, but for now I’m just making sure to hydrate!

I should get the worst blogger ever award, because guess who forgot to take pictures while in Austin Foodie Capital of Texas? Sorry friends, but I can tell you there was glorious indian food, vino, and .85 pounds of frozen yogurt. :]

That’s all for now, unfortunately my weekend will be spent tackling this guy

With a little bit of COLLEGE FOOTBALL mixed in! WRECK EM TECH!
Let’s see a lot of that tonight boys!


6 responses to “New Distance PR!

  1. it took me forever to get the coordination to eat and chew and swallow while running. not to mention opening the stupid packaging! heh

    nice job with the long run. you definitely are a rockstar

  2. CONGRATS girl!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! woo woo 🙂 i like the shot bloks. they are least intrusive to me but enough of something. could you send me a link to your waterbottle? it is adorable!!! mine is not… lol. hooray 17 miler!!!! put your feet up and enjoy your fball… elliot and i were just watching clemson and BC.

  3. Awesome! You are well on your way to completing the marathon after that run. Did you go to Clay Pit?

  4. friend. you rock & that is all.

    come back to austin for GOOD !

  5. CONGRATS on the 17!!!

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