The return of…

Guess what’s back…




The mix:-1/2c. Oats (I have been using oat bran lately! Soooo creamyyyy)
-1c. water/milk if I have some
-1/2c. canned pumpkin
-1 banana
-Copius amounts of cinnamon and nutmeg
-Granola for some crizzzzunch
-Peanut buttahhhh!

The method: Bring oats + sliced banana to a boil, then let simmer. Once beginnning to thicken, stir! This “whips” up the banana and makes them fluffy and delicious, crucial! I also like to throw in the raisins at this point because they plump up in the water. Just before all the water has been absorbed, stir in the pumpkin, stevia, cinnamon, nutmeg, etc. Pour in a bowl, top with granola and a big ‘ol spoonful of (nut)buttah.

So, the running thing…

I have to be honest, my weekly running schedule calls for 5,8, and 5 mile runs plus a cross training day. My attempt to cross training has been weak at best, and my mileage for the week often looks more lik 4,4,7 or 5,5,6 etc. I’m trying to be optimistic and think that the point is to be on my feet getting miles in, and a few miles here or there each week won’t be detrimental come race day. I am still feeling great and hitting my goal pace on long runs, and recovering well. I literally made myself sick last time I tried to train for a marathon (last February) because I let the stress of sticking to a rigorous plan get to me, so my relaxed approach this go-round is also a direct result of the mononucleosis that is still hanging out in my body (for life, thank you). I’m just taking one run at a time, quality over quantity!

Saturday’s RUNdown:
20 MILES!!!!!
2:55:30 – 5 minutes faster than my goal of 3 hours! I think that time was definitely made up at the end, because the first ten miles of this run were MISERABLE. I had stomach problems the day before, and was running on empty. I took Clif Shot Bloks at the first hour mark and immediately felt better. I also sipped on Gatorade throughout the run. I wish I liked coconut water more, because I really don’t like downing chemicals/straight sugar, but I know that it works so it has been the safe choice for me.

Has anyone tried Clif’s sports drinks? Or have any other favorable alternatives?

I have decided the next marathon I train for will be a spring marathon…I hate having long runs on game days and then not be able to make it through a football game! I haven’t stayed through the 4th quarter all season :[ bad fan.

On a good note, the fall weather is upon us and it is no longer crucial to get out the door before sunrise for a run. We also don’t have school today (YAAAA fall break!) so I am taking advantage of my perfect running scenario…wake up naturally, coffee + oatmeal, do *whatever* for a few hours, go out for a run! Come back and eat lunch. Perfect! Ah, to be a professional runner…

Off to the grocery store! My debit card is already wincing. I leave you with some foodie pics from the last few daysweeks:



Prosciutto wrapped sea scallops with a sun dried tomato vinaigarette on a bed of sauteed spinach

Prosciutto wrapped sea scallops with a sun dried tomato vinaigarette on a bed of sauteed spinach

Grocery store salad bar...

Grocery store salad bar...




5 responses to “The return of…

  1. great 20-er! i know what you mean about fall weather — finally here and so nice!

  2. Nice 20. I know what you mean about long runs on gameday. I had a few of those and it made watching the game not so fun!

  3. great 20!!!!!!! sucks about stomach issues going into it but you made it through. always good to feel better after 10 miles than worse, right?????

    try Nuun!!

  4. Awesome 20 mile run! I cannot wait to start marathon training, one more month! 🙂
    I must try the Pumpkin oats, looks absolutely a-mazing!
    I love your blog! It’s awesome that you have such a heart for God, I’m also a christian AND a runner! I’m looking forward to reading more of your posts 🙂

  5. Great job! You made it through a very important milestone.

    I use Nuun (like Lacey) for rehydrating after runs, and also the G2 Gatorade, which is lower in sugar.

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