About Me

This blog is primarily a tool for my sponsors and supporters to document my journey with Team In Training! I have been wanting to start a food/fitness blog for a LONG time, and this seems like the perfect opportunity. I have been an athlete for about 15 years, and running seriously for 1! Much of the past year has been spent in prayer and petition, asking God how to use this passion and ability to run as service to Him. Enter…Team In Training! You will quickly see how much I love running, even quicker, though, will be readers realization of my love for FOOD! Cooking will always be my number one hobby, and I absolutely love creating divine dishes that fuel and nourish my body, and taste out of this world. I truly believe that my body is a gift from the Lord and a temple, and that it begs to be taken care of. I haven’t always done this, but I am 100% dedicated to it now. Recently, I have also realized that this includes indulging in things like cookies and ice cream more often, as well as taking rest days. If you have any questions, feel free to ask, and stay tuned for my journey, recipes, and any other random ramblings I may will have! Thanks for reading!

You can e-mail me at lauren.dorsey@ttu.edu


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